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I made it inspired by many instructions and tips on yt. price ca 34$/


equezada campos (author)2011-09-18

well...and the steps ???

djames8 (author)2011-08-08

I would love to see a proper instructible for this rig.

I just can't imagine how it could have been done for $34, especially considering that some piece of it apparently came with a Zacuto strap.

I understand that it is too late to show pictures of your original build process (unless you took pictures back then) but maybe a list of parts and their sources?

Maybe you could start by just giving us links to the various youtube clips that you got your ideas from?

PhotoBugg (author)2011-07-15

Kinda useless without step by step...

slowbass (author)2011-06-08

soooooooo how did you make it?

papersubmarine (author)2011-06-02

this looks great! have you done a instructional on how to make this yet? i'd be very interested to read about it. where'd you find the parts?

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