Homemade Rocket Motor



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Introduction: Homemade Rocket Motor

i made a rocket using sparklers... it threw some part 8 storeys high...a bit shaky... i lighted and my friend videoed and it's shaky cos we got a shock from the fuse lighting the charges
you can see the gasses escaping if you look close enough
and let me figure out how i made this ... i'll create an instructable later... notice... the picture is not what i did i just had to put something there... don't be fooled



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    to make this you need a box of hundred sparklers, a metal water bottle, toilet paper, 8 shot ring caps, and pliers. firstly you gather all the sparklers and using the pliers' wire cutting tool, remove the iron wires on all of them and keep them. next use the wires and bundle the sparklers in groups of five. fill the bottle with as many bundles as possible. leave one sparkler for a fuse. stick it higher than the rest.put the ring caps and put toilet paper , not alot, around the sparkler. now just light it.

    Until you invest in a better camera and some instructions I reccomend that you remove this instructable