Introduction: Homemade Sock Pillow V1.0

do you want something cheap and fun to make that you can cuddle or lay your head on? do you have clouds or huge amounts of stuffing laying around? do you have just that one sock that you can't find it's partner? well if you said yes to any of these questions then you can make a...SOCK PILLOW just follow these steps and you can have your very own SOCK PILLOW patent pending

Step 1:

take clouds (or stuffing)

Step 2:

take a rather large sock (preferably clean)

Step 3:

vigorously stuff the sock with stuffing (or clouds if your an angel or rainbow dash)

Step 4:

tie the end with string

Step 5:

and your done tip: bend it in a u shape for a travel neck pillow


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Bio: hello there i'm DotaCraftMC and i like to make airsoft traps but I will make other stuff
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