Picture of homemade stag antler knife
I've always had a fascination with knives and how they have managed to remain so simple but yet so useful. This is a knife made from minimal materials that are easily obtained, I have constructed the knife using the Stag Antler as the handle, .22 empty cartridges as the rivets to hold the handle onto the tang, and the steel is from a concreting helicopter trowel machine. This knife must be taken seriously as it is an extremely sharp weapon,
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Step 1: Designing the blade

firstly, you must draw and design the style and shape of the knife blade and handle, design the knife tang taking into account the natural curvatures of the deer antler and then trace this design onto the steel

Step 2: Cutting the blank

Picture of cutting the blank
carefully using protective equipment cut the shape of the blade and tang out with an angle grinder this giving you the steel knife blank

Step 3: Shaping the blank

Picture of shaping the blank
using the bench grinder carefully shape all of the features into the knife, such as the sharp edge, curves and point. also using the grinder remove any rust or markings on the steel. giving you the almost finished blade

Step 4: Handle

Picture of handle
using the stag antler, cut it down the centre giving you two pieces that sit evenly on the knife tang. now drill two holes in the stag antler handle perfectly equal, transfer these holes onto the knife tang so that the handle lines up perfectly with these holes

Step 5: Rivets

Picture of rivets
cut the one of the two .22 empty cartridges so that one if them can be squished and forced into the open end of the other

Step 6: Attaching the handle

place the two halfs of the stag antler over the knife tang lining up with the holes drilled, now place the longer rivet through the two holes and squish the other smaller rivet that you cut and squished the ends of previously into the top of the longer rivet, this holding the handle firmly in its position
Denger2 years ago
Nice In(de)structable. Clear, concise, easy to follow. I especially like the rivets from repurposed .22 brass. The resulting design looks great. Well done!