Homemade(selfmade) Trebuchet


Introduction: Homemade(selfmade) Trebuchet

this is our homemade trebuchet leave a comment about what you think of it.

greeetzzz from the Netherlands



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    Very nice!

    I'd love to see more details, though - dimensions, how you made the joints etc - and a scene of you loosing the trebuchet in daylight.

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    thank you very much we worked hard on it:)

    my english is not so good so i can't go into some good details but i'll try lol

    this trebuchet was made from 2 trees as you see in the first picture, the joint was cut out of a single big woodblock i maked an example in picture 2, the joint in picture 2 fits perfectly in the 2 supporting beams on each side. These supporting beams were cut out as well as i show u an axemple in the 3rd picture. after that we added the arm of the trebuchet to the joint.

    i hope this helped you a little bit but if you want to know more about this just say it and i'll try to help you with it greetz from the Netherlands.

    btw here is the link of a test run at day time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGH_KMhusEA

    730645063_5_gAMM.jpgjoint 1.pngsupport beam.png