scoop is to get the last bit that gets left in the jar

Step 1: Choose Some Wood

this was from a limb that fell in my yard about two months ago. its black walnut

Step 2: On the Large

trying to work it round and little shaping

Step 3: Getting the Shape and the Captured Ring

the captured ring was not necessary but people who don't know how easy it is are amazed

Step 4: Off the Lathe

once I wander it to 440 grit I put bees wax on it. then I pitted the handle with the butt end of the belt sander. I am going to trade this for a pint of local honey.

Step 5:

Step 6:

If I raise bees maybe you will trade me one those for some honey
I'll start you one today
That makes me want to buy some bees
not honey?

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