Picture of hook closure from windscreen wiper
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A useful accessory that can be used as a keyring, to hang a cell phone or MP3 player, to keep together rings or washers ....

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
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A strip of steel spine from a windshield wiper, a piece of iron wire 14 or 12 gauge (1.5 to 2mm), nippers, round nose and flat nose pliers.
You can get windshield wipers from free in a scrapyard. Wiper blades contain 2 stainless steel strips that are very flexible.
jomaro4 years ago
An idea I should have had sooner, but thanks to you I learned another use. I always keep some of those in the garage. They are high quality stainless steel. I have one replacing a stolen antenna for more than 10 years.
Thanks for sharing!
this is really great. thanks so much for posting this its really quite a practical piece of ingenuity and undoubtablly will come in usefull.
ClayOgre4 years ago
Interesting. I scavenged a couple of those strips from my last wiper change and thought...gee, these oughta be useful for something. ...and now I know what.
CrLz4 years ago
Elegant invention!
yup, i concur with whyteboar
Whyteboar4 years ago
I really appreciate the way you turn what most people would throw away into something useful and or beautiful. Well done! Now a request- an instructable on how you did the buttons on your web site!