Picture of hook closure from windscreen wiper
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A useful accessory that can be used as a keyring, to hang a cell phone or MP3 player, to keep together rings or washers ....
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
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A strip of steel spine from a windshield wiper, a piece of iron wire 14 or 12 gauge (1.5 to 2mm), nippers, round nose and flat nose pliers.
You can get windshield wipers from free in a scrapyard. Wiper blades contain 2 stainless steel strips that are very flexible.

Step 2: Bending the strip

Picture of bending the strip
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Bend one end of the strip into a half circle, this will hold the iron oval
Bend the strip to a "U"  shape and cut it to the lenght you choose.
Start making a small circle on the other end, but do not close it, leave enough space to insert the iron wire.

Step 3: The iron oval

Picture of the iron oval
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Take the iron wire, make an "L" shaped bend on one end, try and make it sharp, it will revolve inside the strip's circle.
Insert the circle of the strip in the shorter end of the wire to determine where to cut it.
Bend the wire to a half oval shape on one side and draw it near the pivot's end.
Do the same on the opposite side and cut to measure.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of assembly
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Insert the oval in the circle.
Squeeze the circle to close it on the pivot.
Bend the oval to the right curve and refine the shape of the steel strip.

To see more: www.pennabilli.org
jomaro4 years ago
An idea I should have had sooner, but thanks to you I learned another use. I always keep some of those in the garage. They are high quality stainless steel. I have one replacing a stolen antenna for more than 10 years.
Thanks for sharing!
this is really great. thanks so much for posting this its really quite a practical piece of ingenuity and undoubtablly will come in usefull.
ClayOgre4 years ago
Interesting. I scavenged a couple of those strips from my last wiper change and thought...gee, these oughta be useful for something. ...and now I know what.
CrLz4 years ago
Elegant invention!
yup, i concur with whyteboar
Whyteboar4 years ago
I really appreciate the way you turn what most people would throw away into something useful and or beautiful. Well done! Now a request- an instructable on how you did the buttons on your web site!