Picture of hot glue molding
in this instructables i will tell you how to how to make parts or filling in spaces using hot glue and molds.

I will add pictures soon

Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of get your materials
all you will need is
your mold
cooking oil/vaselene is prefered
hot glue gun
hot glue
zkamauf1 year ago
Could u do that on an xbox 360 controller
boyrock375 (author)  zkamauf1 year ago

it depends what you are trying to do and complexity of the piece i suppose

squirrelMLM6 years ago
awesome ive always wanted to make seethru stuff but never found the melted plastic or whatever. This Is PERFECT thank you
This is cool, I would have never thought of moulding things with hot glue. but, is this a cover for the battery case or something?
boyrock375 (author)  CybergothiChe6 years ago
its a 4 port usb hub and thanks
ahhh...I see. I did not see that it was a 4 port USB hub, but, I reword my question. What function does the hot glue moulded portion of device have, or is the whole 4 port USB hub just sort of filled with hot glue? :)
boyrock375 (author)  CybergothiChe6 years ago
it is a space filler cause the lid closed by there was a big area of empty space so it filled in the space and holds the lid snug