Introduction: Hot Pocket Buckyball Shape

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The first step is to make a strand of buckyballs#

Step 1: First Step

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make a link of 6 balls#

Step 2: Hexagon!!!!

Picture of Hexagon!!!!

M#ake giant hexagon out of all 216 magnets and make sure it has a hole in the center.

Step 3: The Tube

Picture of The Tube

the tube you have to connect two sides together#

Step 4: Edge

Picture of Edge

fold over the edge and connect it to the tube as shown#

Step 5: Finished!!!!!

Picture of Finished!!!!!

now do the same as the other side and then you will be done#


junits15 (author)2013-09-19

eat it

nerd7473 (author)junits152013-09-20

how about I don't magnets (If ingested) can stick to the intestines causing severe injury or even death

junits15 (author)nerd74732013-11-06

Haha I was only joking!

nerd7473 (author)junits152013-11-11

oh, ok I thought you were serious

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