Picture of hot-rod glassware
Ever had a low-rider wagon brandy? A funny-car chardonnay? How about a Formula 1 Caesar?
Now you can!
Combine old wine glasses with toy cars and create your own hot-rod glassware!

Make a few and turn your boring glassware cupboard into a garage full of speedy racers, ready for your favourite bevvy.
These glasses are great for parties, and by using different cars your guests will never have cup mix-up again.
Making your own is cheap, easy and fun!

Sugru was used as the bonding agent for this project, however you can substitute for two-part epoxy.
This instructable was entered in the Sugru Contest

Enough talk, let's vroom-vrooooom screeeeech *crash*!
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Step 1: Tools + materials

Picture of tools + materials
The materials used for this project can be easily acquired.
Stemmed glassware can be found at any thrift store for under a dollar, ditto for the toy cars.

  • old t-shirt or cloth
  • screwdriver
  • safety goggles
  • toy cars (time to raid the toy chest!)
  • sugru (can also use epoxy)
  • glassware (your choice, thin-stemmed glasses work best)

Step 2: Prepare glassware

Picture of prepare glassware
If you plan on using shot glasses you can skip this step and go to step3.

The aim is to separate the bowl from the stem. Start by stuffing cloth inside of the glass to act as a brace against the impact, then wrap the stem with more cloth so shards of glass don't poke out your eyeballs.

Wear safety goggles.

Once wrapped, a firm tap with your screwdriver will usually separate the bowl. Some stems are thick and may require a more liberal strike, chose your glassware based on the stem thickness. In the process of separation breaking a glass or two may not be uncommon.
It's alright to have a little stem-nub remaining on the bowl, the nub will be buried in the car and will not be visible.

If you have a glass cutter or a propane torch you may find an alternative method to remove the stem. However this low-tech approach yields good results and is very quick.
srogers135 months ago
This is the most awesomely acceptable use of glass wear and Hot Wheels I have ever seen! Genius!!
howie574 years ago
Great idea. It's all ways hard to remember which glass is yours at a party. What about using silicon for the adhesive? They use it on rear view mirrors and regular mirrors. The hardest part for me, would be getting a hot-wheels car away form my grandsons. HA HA!! These would be great for us car guys. At car club meetings and car event get-togethers, they would be an awful lot of fun. How to choose the right car for yourself. There are so many to pick from. I am going to have to get to work on this one before our next meeting. Thanks for the great idea.
bustedit4 years ago
man, do i want a bloody mary right now...
Fun idea. you can take beer pong to the next level, now - moving targets!
Ninzerbean4 years ago
Great idea!
ChrysN4 years ago
You can have a lot of fun with these, nicely done!