Step 9: White Invisible Ceiling

Than i painted the ceiling white and pasted the angles of the wall with plaster to make them curve, to reflect the light and make this space a lot smoother ! if you get close to the ceiling the limit between the walls and the ceiling disapears : at the begining it's disturbing because you can't see what is what, but than the impression youy get is super smooth ...
The differences between before and after are very impressive! Thanks for sharing.
Good Gosh &hellip; <br>According to the combinations photos you posted in case your house arrangement gets its inspiration from computers this certainly refers to Windows not Apple ! &hellip;<br><br>Autrement dit : on n'y comprend rien puisqu'on ne voit rien !!!&hellip;<br>Franchement il y a l&agrave; un s&eacute;rieux travail de pr&eacute;sentation, surtout si tu veux faire preuve d'originalit&eacute; et pr&eacute;senter l'ensemble comme un &quot;instructable&quot;, c'est &agrave; dire un travail dont les internautes peuvent tirer parti. <br>J'esp&egrave;re que tu reconnaitras ais&eacute;ment que c'est tout de m&ecirc;me mal parti.<br><br>En outre, et surtout, en quoi l'organisation g&eacute;n&eacute;rale de ce loft est elle si originale par rapport &agrave; tous les autres ateliers parisiens des 18e, 19e, 20e (et autres) arrondissements qui ont &eacute;t&eacute; transform&eacute;s en logements ?<br><br>Otherwise, be thankful to your parents to provide you with a suitable place to live in Paris, you lucky one ! &hellip;&nbsp; <br>Eat well, sleep well, be happy ! &hellip;<br>
Are you talking about <a href="http://images.digitalmedianet.com/2004/Week_20/mz1g99pd/story/g5inside.jpg">this kind of mac -I guess you own-</a>&nbsp;mister &quot;be thankful to your parents to provide you with a suitable place to live in Paris&quot;.&nbsp;<br> I built this place and left to live abroad, economically independent since I am 16 years old Vincent. I haven't had the chance to live in this studio unfortunately, tenants came in few days after I finished the construction and posted this back in 2007. I wish I was living there, I've been living out of France since then.&nbsp;I repaired that place so my parents can rent it and support their modest pension, you have a problem with that?&nbsp;<br> <br> Yes, this is not a greatly&nbsp;detailed&nbsp;instructables and as you kindly &nbsp;remark, it may not even be as original as the &quot;75020&quot; you want to be proud of.<br> &quot;vincent7520 has not posted any instructables yet...&quot;<br> Why don't you post your highly&nbsp;detailed&nbsp;and creative house re-furbishing you make yourself, share your designs, than we'll speak. Be nice.
Ah ! C'mon don't take it too badly. I' sorry, but you said in your inst' that you lived in there so I supposed you were to enjoy the renovation two &hellip;<br>Nothing against helping parents particularly since I'm part of the lot ! &hellip;<br>SO far I didn't post any inst' for the very simple reason that :<br>1) all my construction works (compete house renovation, boat building, one room apartment in the &quot;vingti&egrave;me&quot; refurbishing) have been done with and finished since long, and NO I will not start again just to post an inst' !!!&hellip;<br>2) I discovered Instructables a few months ago and I'm still exploring.<br><br>So when I feel there is something worth posting be assured I will.<br><br>Then again my apologies if you had the feeling I was overly critical : I was just trying to make a light french manner joke. I have nothing about people being lucky and living in Paris. To be honest I shouldn't my 20 years old daughter who's still a student is already the owner of her own 40 sqm apartment in the heart of Paris&hellip; and yes, I'll agree with you, this rotten luck.<br>So you should understand there was nothing critical in my post about how I thought you live &hellip;<br>It was only a remark about the discrepancy between what you promised : a computer like house concept and pictures that show very little &hellip;<br>As for the rest either write it off or take it as a light way to end a message. Nothing against you.<br>Cheers and again, may your life be as good as you wish&hellip;
man you need to learn how to use a camera and there is something wrong with your image proc!!!.
Thats amazing, I didn't see how it would fit at the start but wow it really is nice.
not yet, but I do plan to. I would like to get an apprenticeship when one is available and become a carpenter. I want to find a nice small valley or cliff to build a living area on, like a house separated into small towers over the cliff face.
Your plan in the valley sounds perfect. Good luck in your carpentry studies!
Thank you and goodnight.
Thanks ! It is super comfortable too! The main "deffect" I could think of is the lighting: I couldn't put a light switch on the right nor left so I installed a light above the sink with a switch on the light, it 's ok, maybe not as comfortable as a classical sink at elbow-height. Are you involved in construction too? Good luck!
Check out www.tumbleweedhouses.com Lots of small houses and links to inspire!
Could you give an update as to the finished state of the house?<br/>I'm quite interested in this project, and would love to see pictures of the finished state.<br/><br/><strong>H.B.</strong><br/>
HI ! Thanks for reminding me to keep this project updated ! Here we go 8 new steps !!! Please comment, and thanks a lot for your attention !
Thank you for the addition to the instructable, I have enjoyed it greatly.<br/>I think in much the same way about space, houses and computers.<br/>I think you you would find <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ELJQZB9L0YEP2863OB/?ALLSTEPS">bookshelves</a>bookshelves a great addition to the space, as they take up little space, and are extremely useful.<br/>Your source of ideas and inspiration bubbles up so fast that you are pasting notes on the walls...<br/>P.S. Don't let your computer get too dusty! They can be destroyed by dust.<br/><br/><strong>H.B. </strong><br/>
These bookshelves are awsome ! Thanks for the link. They depend on the wall strength, my walls are probably too weak (thermic isolation layer) unfortunately. I plan to rely more on gravity, hehe I've always trusted more floors than walls hehehe ... For the dust, you are right, i must be carefull and before I bring the computaer back in there I'll definitely work on the coating and ventilation. You will probably be interested by this article on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_architecture">computer architecture</a>. Cheers.<br/>
Nice remodel. I thought you were making your computer case look like a house, that might be interesting.
I would also consider multi purpose furniture. Check out the Nomad Furniture instructable also. You are in a fairly tight space, so anything you can do to make it feel bigger is good. Some of this furniture can be styled to look like Computer components if you like.
It looks like an impressive remodel!
great ! thanks ! i didn't just know the english world so couldn't do the related researches ! thanks this word is going to be usefull in my researches ! (and maybe i should improve my english vocabulary it's poor) cesar
You're welcome. Feel free to post in French too. If people are confused by your English, they can use google to Auto-translate, like this: Vous êtes bienvenu. Sensation librement au poteau en français aussi. Si les gens sont confondus par votre anglais, ils peuvent employer le google pour traduire, comme ceci :
J'aimerais bien voir un Instructables en Fran&Atilde;&sect;ais, ca ferait changement au moins <sup>.</sup><br/>
ok tu crois que ca vaut le coup de faire un groupe en francais j'en ai vu pour les mexicains, pourquoi pas en francais ! je suis nouveua sur instructables mais ultra-motiv, il y aura du monde ? le but c'est quand meme de partager avec le plus de gens possible n'est-ce-pas ?
salut ! Bienvenue ! Ca fait un bon moment que je lit les instructables et ca fait plaisir de voir un francais ! lol Moi je suis pour une section francaise. J'ai d'ailleur beaucoup cherché mais rien trouvé de tel. C'est une très bonne idée ce site. A+ alexsolex
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/group/paris/">https://www.instructables.com/group/paris/</a><br/>et voila !!<br/>
Présent aussi... :)
Les chances que tu voi un Instructables en Francais son vraiment moindre =)<br/>
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/group/paris/">https://www.instructables.com/group/paris/</a><br/>et voila !!<br/>
je suis allé voir les instructables mexicains, ils m'ont dit que franchement, leur page en espagnol n'avait pas de succes, c'est vrai .... alors l'idée de faire u ne page en francais, j'ai un peu laché l'affaire .... ca fait double de travail : tu veux publier en anglais pour tous, et tu veux publier en francais pour ta "communauté", ton groupe ... ce n'est pas suffisament mon centre d'interet honnetement ... cocorico ! N'oubliez pas de voter !
dude, how much to live there! are you in south amarica?.
Yes, didn't you read? they moved Paris to South America after the states refused to take it saying it wasn't free enough ;P Sorry that just came out by itself... read the post man ;)
meh. I don't care much for France.
<pre>American&apos;s spend so much on the bathroom ha.Will you have a full closure door etc?We are doing the kitchen/bath over(gutting).You are right about wanting to utilize space.Light colors will keep the space appear larger.I am assuming the bathroom w/be small, so that youcan use the windows that are there for light.Nice windows. Lots of light! </pre>
The bathroom space is small unfortunately, but i want to put big thing inside !! ! heehe ! After measurment today i found out i have enough space to a real bath !!! I'm so exited ! heheh ! But yes there will be no real door : just a japanese sliding door (bottom waxed) so i'll be able to receive a shoulder massage, or type on my laptop, listen to music, have diner - - - while having bath ... sweeeeet ... And also a bath is necessary if i want to dye textiles or so ... For the window, unfortunately, the building garbage bins are just behind, smelly and huge. And there is no light because it's the smallest courtyard in the center of a 5 floors building ::: i dream i had a beautifull view .... if only. That is why i have to put a lot of light inside this place and ... MIRORS ! 2 of the walls are going to be covered with mirors VERSAILLES ! hehehehe !! yes, let's get light !
mirrors !
I think you have an awesome idea going for you! My suggestions/input: 1. Use your original image of the CPU case as your reference for everything, which you probably are. EX: the shape in the upper left corner, I see it as either the base for a glass table, or a light fixture and the wires running to it could just be over emphasized wires running to the light. 2. The box in the upper left corner could be your "storage"....your hard-drive space.(I'll take rights to that one, haha) Or even your kitchen area. 3. The overall patterns of the jumbled wires could be your idea for a funky rug or tile/floor pattern. That's all I've got for now. Good Luck!
hellow ! thanks ! great remarks ! I'm working on the design now ! - 1_absolutely, i don't know much about PC architecture, i have to document myself, especially about clpping system, suspending RAM cards and HD 2_right, i was thinking of sleeping upstairs (dust problems) and storing, downstairs, for working (kitchen, workshop). Now I've built the first floor very strong (steel structure) i can see, it is possible to put heavy stuff (storing materials for example) also upstairs : i'm thinking about making a "hole" in the floor to be able to pass cables, store large item (that would go across 1 and 2nd floor). For the kitchen, i must decide, because mobile (flexible) water access are too expensive materials, so i took the option to make a fixed water input (probably copper + plastic cicuit ...) 3_ very nice ! heheheh ! yes, "energy pattern" (water cicuit + electric + audio + internet wires + lighting) could be embeded into a pattern (probably a textile solution) passing everywhere, it would be quite revolutionnary ! THAT'S AN AMAZING PRJECT IN ITSELF, imagine : a single pipe for everything for a living unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look the drawing below ! Let's start an instructable together !
I kinda wish you had single coherent pictures in addition to the artistic composites... I don't know why, it just bothered me :P
I liked the composite photographs! Adding individual photographs of the space would be easy, but probably wouldn't explain the space as well.
thanks ! the reason i have to put collage and not "real" photos is that i don't have enough angle with my camera, the space is not as big as it looks on collage ...
hehe... It's just one of those things that you don't know why... it just bothers you for no good reason :P Thanks for explaining it in the other post :)
my english is not good enough to fully understand, i don't really see : you think i should put an intermediate proposal : between the computer and the house model ? The project is not done, it's in progress, thanks for suggestion, i will update the next model pretty soon. cesar
He is suggesting a single photograph of the room in addition to the beautiful many-photograph combination images. I like them.

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