REALLY easy took me only 5 mins from household stuff :) you'll need a
water bottle that has the pull to open top
glue ( hot gun or elmers glue i use hot glue gun)
and you need only 5 minutes :)

Step 1: Take the Cap Off the Bottle

remove the cap from the bottle

Step 2: The Cap and the CD

simply get the cap and the CD (use a CD thats not working) place the cap on the bottle like below (must be in the middle over the hole in the CD)

Step 3: Glue It On

glue the cap on the CD

Step 4: Finishing It Up

make sure there are no air leaks where you glued then blow up a ballon and put it on the cap (make sure the cap is shut so no air can escape)

Step 5: Video

when you are done pull the cap up and give it a good push (push it on a flat surface the flatter the better) heres a video
<p>this is amazing</p>
<p>The words are not showing up on my iPad</p>
cool doo it howtoons stiyle
i hate to tell you, but there are about 10 other instructables that are like this. even so, i'll give you credit for having a well structured (no, i'm not some freaky old nerd) 'ible
Isnt there any freaking hovercraft on instructables.com without a gluegun!
Hey our nicknames are mostly the same good Instructable +1
Is it a "rule" that everything someone posts here has to be an original invention? (I don't think so) There is a ton of cool stuff out there that is worth sharing even if you did not think of it yourself...nevertheless it is good form to cite sources.
good 'ible, but its already been made
I saw this on a cereal box.
lol thats not where i got the idea

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