Hovercraft by Carmex=]


Introduction: Hovercraft by Carmex=]

Step 1: We Started by Cutting Our 4x8 Plywood in Half; Using Only One of the Halves.

Step 2: We Cut Off Excess Corners and Made It Into a Circle.

Step 3: We Sanded the Edges and Cut Out a Hole for Leaf Blower Using a Jigsaw

Step 4: We Stapled the Tarp On, Then We Duct Taped Where We Thought Air Would Escape

Step 5: We Cut Out _ Circle From Dry Erase Board and Drilled It Into the Middle of Our Hovercraft on the Tarp Covered Side. Instead of Using a Cariage Bolt, We Used (5) Sheet Metal Screws to Ensure Durability.=)

Step 6: Exactly 9" Away From the Center, We Cut Out Holes in the Tarp. Evenly Spaced, We Drew Out 4 _ Inch Circles and Cut Them Out Using a Box Cutter.

Step 7: Fianally We Tested It and Decided to Add 2 More Holes. (we Probably Should of Gone With 8 Holes All Together).

Step 8: Fianally We Took That Baby for a Spin.

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11:

Step 12:



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