How a Turntable Is Used





Introduction: How a Turntable Is Used

This is the man i learnt from!
A real DJ!
Thanx supergreg!

Step 1: How to Scratch

with dj q-bert:

Step 2: What Is a Zigzag

q-bert pt.2:

Step 3: Hot to Cut

after this lesson you gonna be a "cut killer"!
thanx q-bert.

Step 4: How to Scribble!

Step 5: Sth. for the More Experienced Dj




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    I was just looking at WikiHow and how they decide which posts should be deleted while giving everyone a heads-up about why. Maybe we could use the same system, but have something like a set number (neg. rating) that once it is reached the post is then deleted. Also perhaps have a message appear automatically when the halfway mark (or quarter) of neg. ratings has been breached, saying that the post will soon be deleted unless the rating goes back up. Just a thought...
    Here's one ex:;)

    Except instead of giving the post 2 weeks, have it set to once the number has been reached to be deleted. Also it would give the "poster" some time to change what needs to be changed to keep their instructable up and running.

    Hey, You should post this comment again in the forums section on the social issues with instructables....this is a good idea....

    Thanks, I was just now searching for this instructable so that I could do that :)

    tht would b helpful

    all these videos arent yours all you did is write the title

    i feel all you did is rip off some scratching techniques. From "a real DJ!". and well you didnt put any input on anything its missing alot on how a turntable is used. not to mention its just scratch not like the how to mix the scratch, how to set up your records, not even anything on common time. B- on compiling data, D- for the fact that its missing first hand info.

    How a turntable is used: Buy vinyl, put vinyl on turntable, hookup to phono preamp, put needle on vinyl, turn up volume.

    no, just go to ellaskins on youtube or the djtutor