here ill show u how to get stron magnets from ur computer

Step 1: What You Need

a hard drive
either a pwer drill or tool that can cut the heads off the screws
good gloves
some kind of torx bit i believe idk which 1
a couple flat head crew drivers
safety glasses
hearing prtection
BEsides I did it wth my phone and its my first instructable so back off u Simon cowell clones
nothing to do with being Simon cowel.. learn to proof read if you don't like people commenting on it. Furthermore. and being your first instruct-able.. You're a fool to not expect to fumble along the way.. but try doing so on things that are out of your control.
Right now we believe this is the best of your ability. can you say your proud of this ?
I made a list of things You could do to improve this Instructable : <br>Caps Lock .<br>Spell check.<br>Proper English.<br>Better pictures. <br> Just phew things to consider.
just fyi i did this late at night i was tired
No reason not to proof read before you publish it.
Look it was 12 am I was half asleep an accidentally hit caps lock when I hit a
No reason not to proof read before you publish it.
Proper English? coming from the guy that just said phew instead of few!! LOL
I'm only Human
mostly referring to &quot;some kind of torx bit i believe idk which 1&quot;

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