Introduction: How to 3d Model a Coin

Not everyone has awesome 3d modelling skills.. but there are some things that don't require that much modelling to begin with! and with todays technology, anyone can create something that has a professional finish using free opensource tools.

here i'l show you how to model a simple 3d object that will end up looking a lot more sophisticated once your done. I'll also show you how to put it up so others can see and appreciate your effort.

check it out here -
or this one -

Will be using:
Blender for the 3d modelling
get it here-

Gimp for the textures
get it here-

the Normal Map plugin for Gimp -

a more detailed tutorial on creating normal maps can be found here -


dook (author)2016-01-08

Looks cool. I was just wondering if there is any audio? I'm not picking any up.

chaitanyak (author)2015-05-27

@yobi3D thanks for showing me that link.. hmm so it searches multiple sites.. interesting.

hope its legal. :)

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