Step 6: Controlling from a pocket PC PDA

Picture of controlling from a pocket PC PDA
the priciples are basicly the same as connecting using a PC

On the pocket pc open the bluetooth manager and serch for new device.

when you see the Firefly-E754SPP connect to it.
enter the passkey 1234

then open pocket putty.

select serial put in the com port used on my PDA it's com6. set the baud rate speed to 115200.
and click open.

and the terminal should open the led will go green on the bluetooth module. and you will be able to send commands to your arduino.

Geniusdude3 years ago
So what is the exact voltage at the terminals for the LED? I'd like to know this before I build to see if it will work for my application, thanks!

2 year late reply, but if hopefully helpful to others reading this. The arduino works at a 5 volt logic level, meaning that if a pin is set to HIGH, or "on", it outputs +5 volts.