How to Cool Your Wireless Network Router and Prevent It From Slowing Down





Introduction: How to Cool Your Wireless Network Router and Prevent It From Slowing Down

This is an Instructable showing you how to cool your wireless network router and avoid slowing down.
I used computer's fan to cool the wireless, attach the fan to the wireless and will use the same power source of the wireless (wireless NO fan ON, wireless OFF fan OFF)

Maybe you will ask me why should I cool my wireless network router?
The answer is: by cooling your router you are avoiding slowing down (especially while downloading big files) because if you are using the router too much (such as downloading big files. you can notice that by seeing the LED's in the router) it will get hot, and you know that Electronic devices will not be efficient if it's not working in the right temperature.

Also because I live in a hot country and I am noticing that the heat is affecting the wireless.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

To make this project you will need:

1. Fan (I used Desktop PC's fan).
2. Male jack that is similar to your wireless jack(I found it in an old adapter).
3. Female jack that is similar to your wireless jack.
4. Some glue.
5. you will need to solder some wires.

Step 2: Connecting Wires

As you can see in the pic the center pin in the female jack is the (+) and the other one is the (-)
Connect the red wire in the fan to the center pin in the female jack (+) and the black wire to the other pin (-)
now you should connect the male jack with the fan in parallel (as shown in the pic)
In my case the male jack has two wires inside each other. The (+) wire is in the middle (inner wire) and the (-) wire (outer wire) is surrounding the (+) wire. Separate the two wires and connect them to the right pin
And don't forget to insulate them so it won't be short circuited (I used gun glue)

Step 3: Gluing

Finally, make sure that the power source of the router is suitable for the fan (in my case it's 15 V for wireless and 12 V for fan) it should not be exactly the same.

now connect router's male jack to our female jack, the fan will start and you should notice which side of the fan is sucking and which side is blowing.

Glue the blowing side to the wireless (glue it in a side that has many hols)


I hope you have enjoyed this instructable, if you like it please do it and share the pics.



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i have used Belkin wireless n300 router for more than 4 years and the best thing it it was never slow . but recently it has been slow and router is getting hot . i have used few steps like updating the latest firmware , restart the router once in a day for 5 min . and checkout some setting to speed up your belkin router . follow ans see if this works and speed up your router . thanks

How do I get the fan to start and stop working with the router and should the fan send air in the router or out of it?

by following the wiring shown in the picture, the power going to the router will be shared with the fan, so whenever you switch on the power supply of the router, the fan will start. you can do in or out, butter send the air in, it will cool better but will make the router dirty after sometime.

Here is what I did, Parts: 80mm case fan, power switch, usb A connector.

took an old 80x80x25mm case fan and cut off connector soldered it to a switch i used an old one out of one of those window alarms (see in lower left). and soldered a usb A head to it, plug the usb into one of the routers usb ports for power (could of also used a usb port on my STB right next to it or a usb wall adapter), and poof cooler router.


What I did

I just plugged in a huge window fan and put it next to my router.

works like a charm... ive been doing this for years and I have experienced much faster upload and download speeds as a result of this simple hack. i imagine mounting a fan to your router would create similar results...this is just way simpler for me

I connected two fans and the router in parallel, both fans are 12v ,and router is 9v and powersupply is 9v, will there be any problem because i connected two fans???

I assume you are using PC fans, so NO problem at all. The fans won't be running at the max rpm and their torque will be reduced (aka, you can stop the blades easily with no effort), but for cooling a router that's ok. You only concern should be the current: these fans normally need around 100-120mA each, check the power of your router and if your supply can deal with the router+2fans power demands with a 20% of margin, basicly to avoid overheating of the supply over the time. Normally it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks man! :-) yeah its working all fine :-)