How to Annoy Your Dog (*no Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Instructable)





Introduction: How to Annoy Your Dog (*no Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Instructable)

A simple way of annoying your dog!!
(This is a spoof instructable and so please no negative comments)
*No animals were harmed in the making of this instructable
THis is my dog Named "CUJO",A pure bred pomerrenian.

Step 1: Materials

- A hand WIth fingers
- A Dog

Step 2: The Annoying Part

Poke your dog as many times nessesary until annoyed, to know if he is annoyed check out the next page.

Step 3: Is He Annoyed Yet?

Youll know he is annoyed if he bites you



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    78 Discussions

    My cat is pregnant, even if you touch her she bites you! But... When she isn't, she is so so so cute!

    He's so cute that I want to bite him!

    Wait humans are animal and you got bit, so an animal did get harmed!

    As a note, my pekepoo will bite after 4 pokes. As for my Yorkie, I stopped poking at 20 since he wouldn't bite. He will, however, bite immediately if you touch his nose while shouting "BEEP".

    for me i just come and say "AAAAAWWWWAAAAWWAAAA" and my dog starts barking at me and trying to bite me

    That dog is soooo cute! My chow is aggressive :) but will never bite me in a mean way...

    I don't think i want to try this with my German Shepherd. I KNOW I don't want to try it with my cat!

    1 reply

    You'd probably be safer doing this with a shepherd. They're generally pretty laid back dogs.

    Pomeranians are known for being furry chainsaws with no sense of humor.

    The Instructible poster's lucky he still has all his fingers attached.

    I really want to post a negative comment but I can't because you told me not to. Oh well, I'll save it for an actual instructable.

    2 replies

    Gee, you're obedient.

    Okay, send me a postal money order for a $1000.00. Don't worry about filling it in, I'll do that myself.

    Contact me privately for the address.