A simple way of annoying your dog!!
(This is a spoof instructable and so please no negative comments)
*No animals were harmed in the making of this instructable
THis is my dog Named "CUJO",A pure bred pomerrenian.

Step 1: Materials

- A hand WIth fingers
- A Dog
<p>My cat is pregnant, even if you touch her she bites you! But... When she isn't, she is so so so cute!</p>
my dog actually likes it
He's so cute that I want to bite him!
Wait humans are animal and you got bit, so an animal did get harmed!
my dog wont stay around long, so its kind ov hard to do.
As a note, my pekepoo will bite after 4 pokes. As for my Yorkie, I stopped poking at 20 since he wouldn't bite. He will, however, bite immediately if you touch his nose while shouting &quot;BEEP&quot;.
for me i just come and say &quot;AAAAAWWWWAAAAWWAAAA&quot; and my dog starts barking at me and trying to bite me
Haha! I loved this =)
your dog pic looks like a unicorn
That dog is soooo cute! My chow is aggressive :) but will never bite me in a mean way...
Delete this instructable?
Why? It's funny.
ZOMG! ITS BLOCKHEAD!!!!! And he's in his dragon suit!
I don't think i want to try this with my German Shepherd. I KNOW I don't want to try it with my cat!
You'd probably be safer doing this with a shepherd. They're generally pretty laid back dogs. <br><br> <br><br> <br>Pomeranians are known for being furry chainsaws with no sense of humor. <br><br> <br><br> <br>The Instructible poster's lucky he still has all his fingers attached. <br>
I really want to post a negative comment but I can't because you told me not to. Oh well, I'll save it for an actual instructable.
Gee, you're obedient. <br /> <br /> Okay, send me a postal money order for a $1000.00. Don't worry about filling it in, I'll do that myself.<br /> <br /> Contact me privately for the address. &nbsp;
Hey this even works on humans! So cool!LOL<br />
My labrador would ignore me. My little mongrel would just run away. My two great danes are very playful. They wouldn't bite. They would just jump on me! I don't think I want to do it with them.
I already know how to do this - I have a chihuahua x pomeranian x papillon - but I've taught him not to take chunks out of me. Hi nibbles rather than bites. How about doing an instructable that shows how to make him do some tricks apart from biting when provoked?
:-) Yeah, I know how to do this too, even though I didn't have pets when very young, I had 2 younger brothers, and a younger sister; annoying them was just as easy, only they didn't bite back to show it LOL
Gee, my little sister did bite back to show it. <br /> <br /> It was fairly easy to break her of it. Shove you fist into her mouth and then twist. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Damn, I miss the early 1970s, you could do stuff like this. It was so much fun.
My mom had a faster method of breaking it......biting back, and asking if HE&nbsp;liked it. :-)<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Next on the instructables...How to annoy your younger siblings complete with pictures if <em>them </em>biting.<br/><br/>That would be great!<br/><br/>Nice spoof!<br/>
Mine does
LOL I was oldest of my clan; nobody "bit me"; er not twice anyways LOL
Yeh this is a spoof instructable he doesnt really bite he just nibbles
lol in the begining it looks like your holding a treat off the screen<br />
lmao<br /> sausage fingers hahahaha<br /> &not;&not; forget it.....<br /> <br />
I would reccomend a stick or dowel see next page to see why
your hand looks like a foot
my friend has the same dog as yours
actually, this CRITTER will explode when sufficiently CLICKED, err poked, and if anyone can guess where that is from, they deserve a cookie
That critter would be a chuzzle. Where is my cookie?
wrong, it's from a game
but the challenge is to find which one
Poke the Bunny?<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.addictinggames.com/poke.html">http://www.addictinggames.com/poke.html</a><br/><br/>or another poke the game like penguin. huh am i right? lol<br/>
it wont load
nope, warcraft 2 and 3, poke a critter and it blows up like a min mini mini nuke
yeap, now go get yourself your cookie that i said you deserve, but never said i'd give you one ;)
Do I get a cookie?
Because I gave it to Sunny124613

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