Introduction: How to Attach Ultrasonic to Servo Motor :

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Do you ever needed to make your servo move able as a scanner for surrounding object and also cheap ?!

Your wishes can become true and also cheap because it's Home made dude :D !

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed :

Picture of Tools and Materials Needed :

Tools :


soldering iron or (precise and small scissors)

Materials :

servo motor , ultrasonic sensor , Icecream box , double face tape

Tip : get the color of the icecream box similar to robot color better ;)

Step 2: Recycling the Icecream Box

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Using the scissors cut the right-angled part in the box as you go down decrease the space of cutting to make it smaller in a size matching the servo and the ultrasonic .

Step 3: Ultrasonic Pins :

Picture of Ultrasonic Pins :

Make a hole using a soldering iron or a hot nail in order to make the legs of the ultrasonic pass through the plastic piece.

Step 4: Finishing Up :

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Fasten the ultrasonic and the plastic piece by a thick double face tape to make sure it will stick to it.

using the double face tape again...Stick the the servo motor with the robot chassis , then finally you can use it now in your robot :D

Easy , Cheap , Clean .


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