Introduction: How to Beat the Matrix

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These are just some tips on how to beat the game enter the matrix, It's very easy actually

Step 1: The Basics

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here are the basics, you have the fighting buttons: kick,punch,action,jump. most of the matrix is fighting and running away. This part is about fighting. punching and kicking is your only offense, but when someone attacks you and you press action, you do a counter. There are certain people in the game that can and can't beat If you can and are supposed to beat them, fight them if not...

Step 2: Agents

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when you confront an agent, you're not supposed to fight them, you run like hell dudes. try not to go near them, or they'll try to throw you.

Step 3: On Driving and Shotgun

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since, im talking about ghost, then you should know that he plays shotgun in the whole game. all you have to do is shoot up every car, it's that simple

Step 4: Cheating

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there is only one code that i can remember, and it's prtty much the only thing you need.

you have to go to the hacking menu, type cheat.exe, then choose cheat from the menu and enter:


This gives you invisibility

Step 5: Conclusion

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In reality, it's pretty easy to beat the matrix, if need anymore help, tell me, and i'll add another step just for you

Step 6: The Level With Trinity

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on beating trinity, ya know since everybody's complaining. im doing the trinity level cuzz it's my favorite.
basically, the action will save you at the end. try hold focus kick kick, this should give you a powerful kick combo. When she's on the ground, run to her, and keep doing sweeping kicks: down + kick.
With these steps you're sure to win, and don't miss the fight scene after it. and you can only fight trinity if you play with ghost, i hate niobe's, she has to drive

Step 7: Nuclear Powerplant Level

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in this level there is one part i will explain. the part where you have to take out the swat members when you're running through that zig zag area. all you need to do is do ACTION on them, take their gun and run, then you keep runing and shoot the next person, when you run out of ammo, do ACTION on them again. just repeat this process and you should be able to get to the stairs


zchampine (author)2010-08-26

It was a great game, but it's a little old, isn't it a little late to be making a partial walkthrough?

coolmike8789 (author)2010-04-18

never seen a vidoe game instructable...although, I cant diss this instuctable cause of my account piture lol

GreenDay (author)2007-12-05

I'm not sure if this would qualify as an instructable...

thefirstgaruga (author)GreenDay2007-12-06

people are supposed to tell me the levels they can't get past. then i add on

spork969 (author)thefirstgaruga2008-09-28

This isn't a forum for video game walkthroughs. This is a place where you explain how to do stuff.

The Jamalam (author)2008-06-12

or turn on the invisibility cheat and shoot them with the shotgun!

yx516 (author)2008-04-12

FF00001A Activate Enhanced (Turbo) Mode
4516DF45 Disable Enemy AI: Hearing. (Enemies cannot hear you.)
FFFFFFF1 Disable Enemy AI: Vision. (Enemies cannot see you.)
0034AFFF Maximum Firepower
D5C55D1E Multiplayer Fighting Mode
7867F443 Quick Fix (Faster Logo's)
FFF0020A Restore Focus Quickly
13D2C77F Sparks' construct during training mode
312MF451 Taxi Driving Mode
1DDF2556 Unlimited Ammo
69E5D9E4 Unlimited Focus
7F4DF451 Unlimited Health
DIR -List files and folders
CLS -Clear the screen of text
HELP -Extended help for a command
TRACEKILL -Kills traces
READ -Read *.txt files
VIEW -View *.img files
PLAY -Play *.fmv files
DROP JXTRR10 -Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
DROP PNSRZ10 -Weapon drop at North Concourse
DROP RKHMS10 -Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
DROP JDZMT10 -Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
DROP ZKHBD10 -Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
DROP RHFTQ10 -Weapon drop at Skyscraper
DROP ZSZQH10 -Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
DROP JDHQL10 -Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
DROP B1AXXF2 -Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes
--all of this was copy pasted from GameFAQs
also there was another cheat to give yourself a katana but i dont remember the code and it made you go through a whole little puzzle question game.
i sold my PS2 =/

Mr Mild Mannered (author)2007-12-09

The best way to beat the game, is to never play it at all.

no, that's when the game beats you

jnixon (author)2007-12-06

This game is 4 years old. And you can hardly call this an instructable.

thefirstgaruga (author)jnixon2007-12-06

obviously, but i need the part of the game you want me to add on

I'd suggest adding the whole game on... otherwise you'd just be telling how to beat specific parts of the game. In other words, it'd just be easier to just google a full walkthrough for it.

like i said, that would take a while, but i will finish it, don't worry

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-05

mmmm okay instructable. funny pictures.

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