what is an otaku?
Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games.

congratulations you have completed you first step towards being an otaku by being on the computer

now your journey will begin i will most likely provide links and since im a moocher all the sites provided will most likely be free
yeah thats right im poor :(

Step 1: Step 1

Give a general description of the Step step one toward becoming a true otaku

is to have your name written in japanese

heres the link http://japanesetranslator.co.uk/your-name-in-japanese/

input your name and choose your style save your image print it out

make a stencil and spraypaint it to your backpack
if you dont know how click here https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-stencil/

now lets continue

I became an Otaku without the list.......IM AN OTAKU BY BLOOD! Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Mabelline. I'm so an Otaku XD Meanwhile enjoy a slew of Anime picture I have collected but I got MORE
<p>=_= wtf I don't remember this</p><p><strong>Wtf</strong></p><p>Who is this, maybe me, I'll try logging in only 1 comment was made with the account</p><p>Jesus I was such a weeaboo, no one, I mean no one should believe I was a Otaku, Jesus Christ <strong>x_x</strong> I've been eye raped by my own self</p><p>Heklp it's cringe worthy. I'd watch Boku no Pico over my own weeaboo self ever again and that's bad</p><p><em>2015 was not my year</em></p>
<p>I couldn't have cropped the photos omg </p><p>&gt;_&gt; no one speak of this ever again</p>
<p>yay i made it through otaku school</p>
<p>o my gosh. bleach. I love that show! ;^)</p>
<p>*plans more things on his hobby agenda, distracted by otaku subjects*</p>
<p>I am a otaku! I love anime!</p>
<p>I watched more than 30 episodes of a few shows I don't think I failed just went over the limit or something</p>
<p>I recommened Boku no Pico</p>
<p>Umm...Alright then </p>
<p>You can find that anime at www.anime888.com =P</p>
True Otaku myself on the other hand how do you click on the infernal memes that I want to read so badly! <br>
<p>im realy a otaku now thanks</p>
<p>Who made this list? lol</p>
<p>I am a true Otaku now!!</p>
<p>owww. now i know that i`m not human after all. I`m an OTAKU! :D</p>
<p>you can watch anime here <br>www.Kissanime.com</p>
I have been true OTAKU!!!!!
<p>I am a true otaku i'm not so surprised </p>
Think you should that you have to constantly nag your parents to send you to a school in japan as an exchange student too... or am I the only one that does that ._.
Lol I've done like 99% of this some of it I can't do because I'm broke T.T
I've done pretty much all those!
Well, with the case of Season 5 of Hetalia....I just BEG for subs.. XD I usually get them the day after the original came out because soo many people love it
XD To truly be an otaku, you should already know these laws.
hmmm...well i play My Candy Love and the Iridiumbased.
and as a good anime character you must be able to read all this in less than half minute
uh....does having a computer with 4 tb anime otaku enough?<br>
r we over yet?
What happened to law 33?
where is it?
You didn't include 'Death Note' , 'Code Geass' and 'Full Metal Alchemist'. :|
If you're having trouble drawing, may I direct you to my Instructable at&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Animenize-a-photo/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Animenize-a-photo/</a>
If I may, add Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Steamboy to your list!
how bout maplestory xD MS ftw~
it doesn't have naruto
hahahaha, real otaku (yes thats the plural of it) know that Naruto isnt an anime series, just like Canada isnt part of the 3rd dimention.
Oh gee, thanks. So what am I? 2-D? 4-D?
actually, Canada is in an alternate 3rd dimension that was formed from the whole worlds imagination.
Huh....sooo..I don't really exist? o_O
Canada, is in fact, the figment of the imagination a magical beetle living in Canada....<br>Freaky o_O<br>
wait.. but if its living in canada how can it be... WTF!- *brain a splodes*
yeah...but he is so relaxed that he doesn't even care that he lives inside his own mind o_O
this whole conversation reminds me of chaos head.........yay for delusions!!!
technically, no. but dont worry, atleast your country exits to the UN =)
Then I'm not really real.....hmm...oh well, I've been told worse. *Goes on with life*
lol atleast theres a bright side.

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