Introduction: How to Bend Wood for Funiture

i will be showing you how to bend  wood for furniture pieces. this is for the gorilla glue contest. check out some other projects on my youtube channel.

The materials you will need are:
clamps - the bigger the piece the more clamps you need.
table saw
glue - any good wood glue will work but i find that gorilla glue make for a professional bend
tray for your glue
safety goggles
time and patience


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-02-19


Looks like your video is private :( I've gone ahead and unpublished this for now so you can go in and edit the embed code.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Jherealty (author)2013-12-06

why is this Private ?????

aprintmaker (author)2013-11-09

video no longer plays, says private.

Anthony23 (author)2012-06-08

Really great instruction here, much appreciated


mmh (author)2011-11-20

Nicely done instructable. Easy to understand and well written.

vincent7520 (author)2011-04-26

Great inst' !…
One think I'd like to know though iw what exactly you call MDF ? As living in France I'm not really sure how it translates … 
If you have any time for an answer that would be very nice of you.
If not, that's OK too… 

jarleek (author)vincent75202011-05-05

hello there!

check out this wikipedia article:

hope that will help you!

vincent7520 (author)jarleek2011-05-05

Thanks a lot.
Very nice of you to answer with a link.
I truly appreciate.
Have a good week end.

doubleshockz (author)vincent75202011-06-15

oh im so sorry... i havent been on in a LONG time haha. but it looks like jarleek helped you :)

vincent7520 (author)doubleshockz2011-06-15

that's ok
real life is always more interesting than virtual … even on down to earth instructables !!!…

ezcheese (author)2010-11-14

This is really well done and well explained. Good job. But it makes me wince to see you cut the strips the way you do on the table saw.
I worked in the US cabinetmaking for a while and the guys in the shop all did it the same way too. In Ireland & the UK (and probably all of the EU) it is illegal to use table saw without both a riving knife and crown guard fitted. This means operations like grooving cannot be done on a table saw. There are other safer ways of doing those operations. The table saw is the most dangerous tool in the shop, it needs to be respected.

gmartin1 (author)ezcheese2011-05-13

Illegal? I live in Sherwood Forest and the first thing I did when I bought my saw was to remove the guard and I regularly use sleds so the riving knife goes too (temporarily). So tell me, who's coming in my garage to arrest me? :-)

doubleshockz (author)ezcheese2011-01-11

i know im replying to your comment late... sorry... yep i know how dangerous they are ive seen people split their finger with them.

Lignumvital (author)2010-11-14

Dont forget to do bent lamination in odd numbers, an even number puts stress on the middle glue joint. Love your instructable, and would like to talk shop sometime I'm a furniture major too. I studied under Phill Tenant, and Cory Robinson.

vincent7520 (author)Lignumvital2011-04-26

thank you for this particular information : I was not aware of that. Never had any problem with my previous lamination that still hold after 14 years of good service as frames of my 30 ft boat. However better be on the safe and wise side and use good advice when given.
best wishes

Lignumvital (author)vincent75202011-04-28

Thinking about it normal wood glue would cause no problems either way since the glue is stronger then the wood grain. Fine Wood Working has a great article on the strength of different glues. Im betting you would see the joint break in even numbers though if you used gorilla glue or an animal hide glue and pushed it to breaking point. I recommend everyone reading the article in the magazine though, its really good.

(Any one bored that has a hydrolic press want to try it out? Id like to know the results.)

vincent7520 (author)Lignumvital2011-04-29

Thank you for the information. I'll try to keep this ina corner of my memory next time I'll have to use it.
have a good day.

thepelton (author)Lignumvital2010-12-30

My Mother, who had a Master Degree in Fine Art, said that odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing than even.

doubleshockz (author)thepelton2011-01-11

yep. i just made a log candle holder as a gift, and was going to put 4 candles in it, but remembered odd numbers are better

asterman (author)2010-12-16

very well done! one question. aren't you supposed to have the piece your planning to use after cutting on the table saw facing the guide? in between the blade and guide. also this would work better because you would not have to keep adjusting the guide for each strip.

bertus52x11 (author)2010-11-25

Nice and clear I'ble! I have one question though:
Does the "bow" flexes back a little bit once you have released it from the MDF or do you obtain exact the same shape?

doubleshockz (author)bertus52x112010-11-25

it should stay the same since its multiple layers. the bottom layer of wood or the top would be the most likely to bend out but the other layers that have glue on both sides will hold it so i can hold its shape.

bertus52x11 (author)doubleshockz2010-11-25


duggles218 (author)2010-11-21

Nice job. Your video makes bent wood pieces seem easy! Thanks

wrksnfx (author)2010-11-12

This would be a GREAT way to make a recurve bow thanks!

doubleshockz (author)wrksnfx2010-11-13

oh no wait wait.... i dont know if this would support a bowstring. the pressure would probally rip the strips apart. so if you do try to make something like a bow with this method i declare i am not responsible for your actions. lol but seriously it would suck to have a thousand little slivers of wood in your wrist and face if it snaped.

blkhawk (author)doubleshockz2010-11-14

I believe that the Huns built their bows in a similar manner since there was not enough wood where they came from. They glued strips of wood together.

tigerbomb8 (author)blkhawk2010-11-15

with horn from an animal to give it strength

blkhawk (author)tigerbomb82010-11-16

And animal tendon (or sinew). The Huns were very resourceful and their bows were a bit stronger than the European bow.

wrksnfx (author)doubleshockz2010-11-15

No they make laminated recurve bows. here is a link w/ a pdf.

Here is the pdf. Google is your friend.

kleinjahr (author)2010-11-14

Nicely done. Another way to make the form is to cut the curve through the mdf then use both pieces as the clamp pads.
Something to be aware of is that as the lamination gets thicker the ends of the new pieces will not line up, sort of a taper or scarf.

H4T (author)2010-11-12

Nice Instructable! Being an apartment dweller (and computer nerd) I don't get much opportunity to learn cool skills like this - now all I need are the tools and space and I think I can give this a shot! Thanks for the clear explanation!

graeme.t.cooper (author)2010-11-12


rimar2000 (author)2010-11-09

At 2:11minute, you say "You need to make sure you have all your things".
I would say "You need to make sure you have all your fingers".
(Please smile)

Good instructable, well explained.

doubleshockz (author)rimar20002010-11-11

haha thanks

Mr. TiKi (author)2010-11-08

Wouldn't it be easier to cut strips with a band saw?

doubleshockz (author)Mr. TiKi2010-11-09

yes you are right! but i showed on the tablesaw because i don't think alot of people have bandsaws.

NutandBolt (author)doubleshockz2010-11-10

Good point, and you are correct.

NutandBolt (author)2010-11-10

Very good video, well explained. Using the MDF as a form is great method for bending wood. I made once laminated wood arch for a window usnig this method. Great job!!!

thewetturd (author)2010-11-09

Way to go man! Nice work with the form. It seems that is the hardest part of this process is to make a good form. You did a great job explaining it too.

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