in this instructable i will show you how to bind a book. this is not the most "professional" way to do it, but i learned it that way and it yields very nice results. and you don't need any fancy tools or anything to do it, chances are that you even might have all the needed materials lying around somewhere and you could get started with making your own book straight away.
ever since i learned how to do it, i've made quite a few books, as they make great gifts or are perfect to write your recipes in, draw, as a journal,...
and in the end it's suprisingly fast, you can easily make a book in one afternoon.
Have fun with the bookmaking!

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
- sheets of paper twice the size of the book you want to make, the easiest way is to make A5 sized books out of A4 paper, because A4 paper is easy available, these are for the pages of the book
- cardboard, about 1,5 - 2 mm thick, a bit more than twice the size of the later book size
- a nice, not to thin paper for the cover, this has to be bigger than double the size of the finished book
- another nice paper (this one can be thinner) for the inside of the cover, the same size as the paper for the pages
- a lenght of bookbinding linen tape (i don't know how you call this in english), it has to be 10 cm longer than the spine of the book, at least 4 cm wide, in a color that matches your cover paper
- strong thread (made from linen or cotton), sewing needle
- a set of small vices
- a small, stiff paintbrush
- 2 wooden (or similar material) boards, slightly bigger than the finished book
- cutting mat, x-acto knife, scissors, ruler
- wood glue and wallpaper paste and a disposable cup for mixing the glue
- a used plastic bag

if you are not sure about the amounts of paper or so, read the steps as i will say more on that later.
<p>cool, it works really well. I got a pretty cool notebook with this method.</p>
<p>Didn't have any bookbinding linen tape, but I made do. Good Instructable.</p>
<p>thanx for the nice tip and the congrats!</p><p>i will try that next time.</p>
Nice. Very complicated instructions and the pictures were a bit hard to see however, I'm not a book maker. Your talent to make a book while explaining it so others can was extraordinary! I love books and always wanted to learn to make one so I was hoping you may have a video tutorial Bc I would absolutely love to try to make a book. I enjoyed this profoundly. Txs.
<p>i found this site looking for prepper tips. this, however, is the best instrucable that i've come across. it doesn't tell me how to power my home or feed my family but it does tell me how to preserve knowledge for future generations. nice job!</p>
<p>I love Books very much this is as gift for me </p><p>Thank you</p><p>uffforu</p>
<p>This is a nice article</p>
<p>i will get on that video soon, promise!</p>
<p>Cristal clear and great !</p><p>But a short video on the sewing process may help : I didn't catch the process of finishing a page and starting a new one and make them all tight enough so they won't get loose with time.</p><p>Thanks a lot for posting anyway !</p>
<p>ooh! this is nice~ i always wanted to know how to sew the papers!</p>
I try to make notebooks but they never work. This instructable helped to improve them
That's cool
<p>not yet but if i have the time to make another book in the next days i can try to make one.</p>
<p>Is there a youtube video of stringing these pages together? </p>
<p>do try! although some of the steps might sound a little complicated, it really is not so hard. goog luck on your book!</p>
Nice! I am going to try this out. I wanted to bind a book for my school rough note, but I didn't know how. This will help.

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