How to booby trap the sidewalk

you will need:
a water bottle
empty pill
some baking soda
a funnel
maybe a spoon
a trip wire (fishing line is best white string will do)
a stake or a screw driver
this is my first instructable and i don't have a camera

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Step 1: Preparin the stuff

you will need to put the baking soda in the tablet and put the tablet back together with the baking soda and the end of the string in it.
fill the water bottle with vinegar about a third of the way

Step 2: Rigging it up

Picture of rigging it up
put the screw driver on one side of the side walk in the ground put the bottle on the other side
loosely tie the string to the screwdriver put the other end of the string just barely in the bottle so that the pill is dangling above the vinegar.

modaawesome (author) 2 years ago
monsterlego2 years ago
good, but needs pics.
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
and would you be offended if i changed my location to neptune too?
If you move to Neptune sure.
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
it's alright my new location is better
Ohh, thats gross. :P
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
i meant sitting on it
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
sorry if it takes me awhile to reply I'm listening to trans Siberian orchestra
best group ever
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
if you want to go to
Thats my fave, i have the album from them so i'm all set.
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
my mom did but she lost it
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
that is what the internet is for
of course.
modaawesome (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
would you mind also looking at my question
lemonie2 years ago
Why didn't you steal some images off the internet that were actually related to what you're trying to tell us?

modaawesome (author)  lemonie2 years ago
my computer is locked down i don't get images or videos the thingy said i had to have pictures in my instructable and that is all that was in my library
Oh dear. You need to fix that, it must be a drag for other stuff too.

modaawesome (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Kiteman2 years ago
Part of the terms of the site is that you use your own, original images.
modaawesome (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
really because that seems kinda dumb. I mean how are they going to track that?
They'll start by looking to see that the images are actually of the item described in the text...

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