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cutting the front frame, making it smaller and building a new pivot (taken from another old bike) were the next things to do.
sillywilly3 years ago
I'm not carkat but I have a good suggestion for you. See attached file I have redone to show bigger angle brace between seat post and downtube. I suggest a headtube angle of zero! This will keep the distance between downtube and box the same throughout steering range. You will see in attached drawing that there are two red dots. The one to the left should be location of a fixed castor wheel to aid steering and support box loads at 2nd point. The right red spot is my suggested axle mounting point, centered in box. You will notice that head tube is about 8 inches ahead of center for castor affect. This should ease steering inputs, track true, and might even allow "hands off" riding?
carkat (author)  sillywilly3 years ago
hey, thank you for your thoughtful comment. it seems you know what you're talking about. are you some kind of engineer?
Naw, just a lifetime of loving to tinker, build, experiment, etc. I like tadpole trikes (among other things) and would be peddling one now except for a bad knee. My light trike preference is a recumbent-seat with full suspension, motor assist, and a super light full body cover for year-round usage. I belong to a Yahoo group called "CabinScooters" where we confer, toss about ideas, and help each other in the building of covered 2 or 3-wheelers of all sizes from powered velomobiles to super screamer sport performance trikes. they are rated from type 1-to- 5 with 1 being the lightest/slowest and 5 the heaviest/fastest but none over 1500lbs. The reason is because this category can be registered in most states as a motorcycle with a whole lot less restrictions as to builds than 4-wheel cars. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/CabinScooters/
Quoniam5 years ago
This pivot go to support a lot of stress. Look to the reinforcements http://photos.ugal.com/3834/14972/2413/142572/vectocustomphoto.600.jpg Its possible the pivot have some angle to make the bike return itself from the turn.