Step 14: Adaptor for the brakes

Picture of adaptor for the brakes
this adaptor delivers the power of one handle to two brakes simultaneously. and last but not least one needs a ...
dwosullivan5 years ago
This is not really necessary, the rear wheel provides nearly no braking force in a heaver bike like this, especially with a couple of kids low down, lowering the centre of gravity. See sheldon brown: The fastest that you can stop any bike of normal wheelbase is to apply the front brake so hard that the rear wheel is just about to lift off the ground. In this situation, the rear brake cannot contribute to stopping power, since it has no traction. http://sheldonbrown.com/brakturn.html Instead you could have just used the left and right brake levers to the left and right wheels. You would of course need to brake evenly to reduce brake steering but that would be much easier to control than a home made device to pull two cables with one
I think this devices is for one handle to pull two breaks located on the front wheels? Brakingly evenly is certainly important, but i see no reason why trial/erro, and adjusting each breaks sensitivity wouldnt accomplish even breaking. I don't know that i can agree that two brakes levers would be "easier to control than a home made device to pull two cables with one." I mean, one lever sounds easier than two to me. Plus, doesnt that make this instructable even cooler? Why not make a homemade system? I say, if your gonna build a bike from scratch, Go big, or go home.
cararta5 years ago
you do not show a good picture of connecting front and back together....I assume done with the pivot only....... Would it have been easier to fabricate an axle between front wheels and install pivot there? guess not as would be in the way of cargo unless at the complete back of the box. Never seen one of these cargo bikes before so just commenting......