Step 15: Final assembly

Picture of final assembly
box to transport kids and things with the bike. that's it :-)
further improvements will be some cat eyes and other security stuff.
how do you turn i wish i had a welder id try somthin like that nice instructable
bigbunyip4 years ago
wicked bike dude, i've sen them being used on tv, in asian countrys, now i've seen how u made ur's i'm gonna have a go at makin 1, thanks 4 all the exelent details and pics. some good info in the forum 2, gonna try that caster angle bit, thanks
burpinator4 years ago
great job looks sweet !! i have to make one look like fun
carkat (author)  burpinator4 years ago
hey, thanks! in the meantime i started to make some improvements. will update this instructable when they're finished...
looking foward to seeing it
cararta5 years ago
Is there a track attached to the bottom of the box to fit the projection coming up from the frame? If so this would seem to stabalize the steering, maybe? Would have to half circle? maybe include a roller on top of projection in case weight in box tries to constrict movement?
Pothuset5 years ago
Well, it looks good, but I am the lazy type, so I think buying a Christiania bike is the right solution for me.
I think I may do something like this. However, I may look to another source for insperation: On a cruise a few years ago, they had "Taxis" on the dock, that were 3-wheeled bicycles in the traditional Tri-cycle configuration.I'm definately going to use what you learned in my designing and planing. Thank you for posting this instructable
I think the cargo box looks pretty classy. It is, in fact, why I opened your instructable, to find out the material and construction. So..tell me about the box. Thanks.
sweavo5 years ago
great job! very inspiring. How is the steering now? I imagine if you power the pedals too hard when it's empty it tries to jacknife? If you build another vehicle, check out "castor angle" when it comes to bikes. I'm not sure how that translates to a beast like this though. I assume the box, when laden, is so heavy that it becomes the main consideration when riding and keeps it all stable. Wish I'd taken more detailed photos of the ice-cream bikes I have seen on my vacations now!
Quoniam5 years ago
Looks great. I go to try to make one like this in my vacation