Step 2:

Ready, Set, Go!

Now the real fun begins!
Don't forget your notes, chicken coop plan, measuring tape, sander, power saw, work bench, face mask and leather gloves. It pays to be safe whenever you work with tools - electric or not!
Once you have your plan and your materials you can start to build your backyard chicken coop. Follow your plan details and make sure that everything is secure.
It's not difficult to build a chicken coop although it may take a long time if you have not done any carpentry work in a long time but it is definitely exciting and fun, especially when the chicken coop begins to take shape!
Clean all the pieces of wood that you will use making doubly sure that there are no more nails on them.
If necessary, sand them down with your electric sander so you will have a smooth surface for all the wood you will use.
Cut them to size based on the dimensions provided on your chicken coop plan details.
Join the bottom frames first, then the side frames and supporting frames.
In assembling the frames, use wood glue to hold them in place where they are to be joined and drill very small pilot holes for the nails. Drilling pilot holes ensures that the nails go in straight.
Better yet, use a miter joint or end lap joint as shown in the figures below. These are the two most common joints you need to use in building your chicken coop to ensure stability and sturdiness of your project.
Miter Joint End Lap Joint
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Our chickens are just starting to grow out of the coop we've got for them, and we want to get even more. We are obviously going to have to build another one. Are the <a href="http://www.stillwellmaterialscorp.net" rel="nofollow">construction materials</a> for the coops usually very much? I remember the last one we built being pricey, but I don't really remember how much it was! Any help would be great!
And since when does a chicken coop need to be sanded? Its just going to be coated in crap in a week anyway. This instructable looks to be a giant, steaming pile of nonsense.
Ummmm, not really an instructable. <br />

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