Step 3:

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When the frame is ready, you then have to put the sidings (plywood and/or chicken wire) and the roofing material of the chicken coop.
When increasing the size or dimensions of your chicken coop, make sure that you double the length of the wood supports and the size.
For example, from a 25mm x 25mm x 2m wood, increase it to 50mm x 50mm x 3m to ensure that the frame is strong and sturdy!
The windows and doors should be the last ones you should work on.
As soon as everything is finished, do a once-over inspection and plug all seams and joints with insulation material to prevent cold air from entering your flock's new house.

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firefly684 years ago
I have seen these plans online somewhere but they have to be purchased. The link at the end of the ible appears to in Hebrew or Arabic. Any shed can make a decent coop. Just be sure to provide PLENTY of ventilation, more than you'd think necessary, but also eliminate drafts. Chickens don't mind cold weather and don't need heat or insulation; but they breathe out a lot of water vapor which needs to escape the building, even in winter. A large comb can be a problem in cold climates; it can be protected from frostbite by coating with vaseline. Or get breeds with small combs.