How to Build a Cheep Garden


Introduction: How to Build a Cheep Garden

you find a container to put plants like buckets, coffee containers, and bottles cut in half.

Step 1:

get a lots of good dirt and mix it with the best fertilize.

Step 2:

get what you want to plant it can be seeds or plants that are ready.

Step 3:

then you put it in a nice sunny place and water it and put some coffee grains to fertilize it 3



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    What are all the strings for? FYI- do not plant 2 different types of veggies in the same pot. They will cross pollinate and you will end up with some strange vegetables. My grandson got radish beans when he planted radishes and green beans in the same pot. They tasted like green beans with a bite. They were short stubby beans growing on the radish plant.