This is a cheap and easy way to build a solar reflection trough.

Step 1: Materials


2x2.45m 25mm aluminum angle stock
2x2.5m 25mm aluminum angle stock
8x0.39m 25mm aluminum angle stock
4x0.80m 25mm aluminum angle stock
2x0.85m 25mm aluminum angle stock

0.33mm 25mm wide flat aluminum  bar

2x 0.39m by 0.85m aluminum sheet
100 pop rivets
3m copper tube

2x2.5m 50mm aluminum bar
2.4m x 1.2m  8mm aluminum sheet
Nice job!<br><br>Any figures on the flow and temperatures that can be achieved by this type of setup (I'm guessing that will be included in part 2, but thought I'd ask anyway)?<br><br>Thanks.
not yet. I have not been able to attach a hose to it yet to measure.<br><br>However without water it can get VERY hot very quickly so their is a quite a bit of power there. <br><br>calculations:<br><br>2.4*.85 * .5 (50% efficiency) = 1.02KW/hour<br>((1.02 KWh) / (4186 J)) * (1 kg) = 877.209747 kilograms/hour<br><br>So ~877 Kilograms Degrees /hour<br><br>So if you want a rise of 50C you should be able to get 17L/hour<br><br>

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