How to Build a K'nex Crossbow





Introduction: How to Build a K'nex Crossbow

hey let me know if you want to know how to build it. give me a comment or let me know some other way. big when if right rubber band you will hear it whistle by your ear. it is really cool I sharmped big grey k'nex and shot a box it made it through. And stayed in! i was fooling around the next day and found that unsharpned big grey rods will do that too if you are lucky.i just have 1 problem it will not fire straight?

Step 1: Get the Peices for Main Bod of Crossbow

there is a picture below that will tell you what you need.

Step 2: Put the Main Body Together

make x2 of these

Step 3: Make This Base X1

the grey peices are the white and the orange only with one side that can not connect

Step 4: Put Them Toghther

take the 2 walls and attach them to the base

Step 5: Should Look Like This

look below:also attach these peices

Step 6: Make This Part

8 of the orange pecies

Step 7: The Handle

make 8 of these

Step 8: The Trigger

make/ copy the imahe below.
then put it together

Step 9: Make the Front Part

i copied this off somebody... but i made it bigger better and stronger.then attach it.

Step 10: Guides for the Ammo

just tape these on there any kind of tape will work.

Step 11: Put the Rubber Bands On

just follow the picture



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    its cool but i only speak English so i don't know what it is

    would it be ok if i made a new instructable for this as there is a lot of comments saying they dont undrestand and stuff (all credits will go to you)

    how does it shoot because mine dosent work

    how does it fire because mine dosent is it display only

    explain more man i don´t know were the stiks go but you are douing great

    nice but how do you fire things

    i can't make the front part.

    i like it will you please make some time to visit my gun??? :)

    Duude. I am digging out my old KNEX sets