How to Build a Knex Delorean





Introduction: How to Build a Knex Delorean

I mind that part is the most hard to do, I have knex almost 15 years, and I create a car with suspension and direction 4 years ago.
Here we go...

Step 1: McPherson

I start to build the McPherson supension in the front.

Step 2: The Center Part, This Conect the Supension With the Car

Step 3: Part 3

I will build a half of the car with colored pieces.

Step 4: Finishing the Back and the Wheels



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    do you think I could build the car using this instructable and then the rest with the slideshow?

    2 replies

    I mind, yes, yo can build the car. The instructables is unfinished I'll finish the instruction this week, but it's 80%

    Thank you ^_^ *subscribed

    You do a great job in mechanics, and you definetly did a great job in this module. Awesome job!

    Great, But do you think this suspensions will withstand the weight of the K'nex cyber kit? Because all the ones I've seen capable are ugly or use too many ball joints.

    6 replies

    i don`t now the cyber kit, but te suspension of this car suport more tha the car weight, i have an old version of this suspension, is bigger but is very powerfull, if do you want this suspension advise me and i will post the instructables.

    The cyber kit is like the rck or nxt in lego?

    Cyber K'nex is like robotics that can be programmed or manually controlled by remote control. I'm using cyber k'nex also because I like to stick to legit k'nex when making things, buts its actually quite heavy so it breaks most suspension. I would like to look at the bigger version as I'm trying to get my mum to get me the terrain trekker set because I want to make one like a truck with lots of traction and a high gear ratio so it can climb.

    I post the resistent suspension

    Thanks, that's better than I expected so I can use my springs from an old RC car. I'm going to follow you and send you a patch :D

    I just looooooooooooove bttf....great job, 5*s! :)