Step 1: Materials:

block of your choice(i used stone),bait(an ore,like diamonds),sand,and signs.

Step 2: House

build a simple house with no roof and a entering hole.

Step 3: Bait

add your bait of choice at one of the back corners.

Step 4: Sign Fuse

put a sign on your bait and put a sign on that sign. the second one shouldnt have a stick.

Step 5: Sign Fuse Pt.2

make a fuse of signs to the top of the house and make a roof out of the signs.

Step 6: Sand

put sand on top of the signs so they can cover the player.

Step 7: Explanation:

the signs are build together. so destroying the bait will destroy the signs too. and whatever sand goes up,must come down! crashing down on to the player suffocating them!
<p>:O </p>
<p>what if they look up?</p>
They can get out
<p>not if you don't use enough sand</p>

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