If you know some deserted or have your own land you may wish to spend a day tidying it up and creating your own airsoft or other millitary simulation game arena. this is an instructable with a few tips on how to get the most out of you resources and how you can minpulate them to give your team the edge if you desire.

Step 1: resources

you need to look at what you have to play with, pieces of ply, palets or metal. also you must look at the area you have, is it woodland, industrial and can you adapt what it is to a skirmish arena with minimal effort.
you must also concider what weapons and the number of people you will be housing, because theres no point housing a sniper nest if you only have a springer pistol.
<p>cool. I knew this before however. I hav several bunkers in the woods in garages in my house in trees fields and even in my own back yard there is a watch tower, hand built three tier bunker with a bunker, sniper watch position across the bunker in a tree, and roof acces to the garage which is the hangar and once in side the hanger the cement walls, no windows, and outward swinging wood double dors, it is nearly impossible to break in, plus there are plenty of auto matic airsoft weapons in there , and armor, and all this plus my army I have been building 4 years, no one can get us</p>
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