How to build jango fett's arm gauntlets for super cheap

Picture of how to build jango fett's arm gauntlets for super cheap
I was looking at jango fett costumes on this website and saw that not many of them had the gauntlets that are on his arms.So I thought I'd try to make some, so here we go I'm going to show you how I did it. :)


1. Suave shampoo bottle
2.craft knife( or pocket knife ) spray paint( or you choice of color )
4.miscellaneous objects( below are the things I used )
A. bamboo
B.card board( I used a irish spring soap box )
C.electrical tape
D. bottle cap

So the first thing that I did was cut the top and bottom of the bottle off and then I cut a line down the middle.Oh ya I almost forgot to tell you this is my first instructable.
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Step 1:

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Now what you won't to do is make sure it fits. Fortunately it fit me so lets move on.

Step 2:

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Now were goin' to start gluing on the little junk thats listed in the supplies.

Step 3:

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Now were going to get into the tricky part. Depending on your bottle size cut out small rectangles all the the same size and rap them in a thin rap of electrical tape.

Step 6:

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Now were going to paint it! I used black spray paint but you can use different colors.

Step 7:

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It is probably going to need two coats like I did.

Step 8:

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Your pretty much finished! But if your really up for a challenge try to make one for each arm.
MELODYJANEL3 months ago

Gonna make gold ones for Wonder Woman costume. Minus the extra pieces.

Grafx4Life3 months ago

Actually not a bad idea. I'll have to consider that.

bcavaciuti1 year ago
pretty cool though this is technically a vambrace not a gauntlet (armored glove with a cuff)
abendowski1 year ago
Good job on it; but slow down on the painting and go for light even coats with final touch ups with a brush & paint
paint them silver and add a grappling hook
Will do and this was my first ible so that's why it's bad.
its really good actually