Picture of how to bunny hop
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Step 1: Speed

Picture of speed
You will want speed. level your pedals

Step 2: Pull up and push forward

Picture of pull up and push forward
self explanatory

Step 3: Should have air

if you dont pull up harder
rhett5 (author) 11 months ago
or j hop
rhett5 (author) 12 months ago
but is also called a mountain top
rhett5 (author) 12 months ago
no, I couldn't provide a picture with the pushing forward
dchall81 year ago

Yours looks like a wheelie to me. Is is supposed to look something like this? ...with the tailwhip thrown in.

rhett5 (author) 1 year ago
its kind of hard
rhett5 (author) 1 year ago

Can you provide some more detail?