Picture of how to bypass the amp in a 2004 impala
If you are like me and hate being told that something is impossible to do and you own a 2004 Chevy Impala nad your stock Radio keeps shutting itself off at random when you are driving and turns on after you shut your car off then this instructable is for you .

This instructable is for people who own a 04 impala with a BOSE FACTORY AMP , since Chevy used several different vendors for the amps im not sure if the wiring will be the same.
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Step 1:


16 Wire nuts (more if you plan on trying to get the factory tweeters to work)

Wire cutters/strippers

Eletrical tape

The ability to crawl into your trunk and stay there for a few mins

Step 2:

Picture of
The first thing you need to do is open the trunk of your car then DISCONNECT the battery from your car (if you don't and get zapped do not blame me)

Next unplug both harnesses that are conected to your cars AMP (They will have a tab on the top of them that you need to press down on to get them out)

Step 3:

Now here comes the fun part

You can choose to do this several (or any) way that you want. I just took the most direct way of accomplishing this task.

Here is my way.

crawl into your trunk, pull the back seats down if you need to have more room to work with and get your wire cutter/strippers and wire nuts ready

Step 4:

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I found a wiring diagram online so it will a little Easy to follow. IF you have a 2000-2002 the wire diagram is different , sorry.

you will be basically be bridging or connecting the wires from the first harness to the second harness to preform this bypass.
av.rblocka6 months ago
Soni connect A1 to B1 or A1 to B12?
mfrontuto (author)  av.rblocka6 months ago

A1 should go to B1 as both of these are Ground Cables

mfrontuto (author)  mfrontuto6 months ago

also is your car 2002-2005? if not this diagram will not work for you

av.rblocka6 months ago
I need help...have my radio on and everything...just no soundsmh
Thanks for this post, it helped greatly. I installed a Pioneer FH-X720BT and Kicker replacement 6.5 and 6x9 speakers. After installing them the volume was low and very distorted. I read this post and first tried jumper wires between the two female amp plugs to see if this would solve the problem before going any further. With one speaker jumped it sounded great so i proceeded. I followed the steps in this post with the exception of cutting the wires, instead i used quick splices. I had to use 14-18 ga quick splices since i could not find any 18-22 ga quick spices at any of the auto parts stores nearby. If you do this ensure that the splice blades are completely depressed to ensure the insulation is properly broken on the stock wires due to their small guage. I also jumped the tweeters into the respctive front spaker wire and they work great. Again, thanks for the help, i would have never thought to try bypassing the amp.
mfrontuto (author)  raymond.bennett.5496 months ago

Glad I could be of help. I will soon be replacing the factory speakers on my Impala as well (as they are now 11 years old and do not sound so good). that should be an interesting Instructable for me to make

My amp doenst work so if i have a powerful aftermarket radio/headunit i could just do steps 1-6 and it should sound alright...correct?
mfrontuto (author)  oscar.hernandez.1426 months ago

unfortunately no, the speaker setup form the factory utilizes tweeters and without the amp loped back in activating the tweeters your radio will work, but it will sound like the volume was turned way down... that is why when I first did this I reintegrated the amp back in on top of the bypass. so to answer your question YES it will work, but it will sound horrible (the tweeters will not work) if you do not follow all of the steps

I just dont want to use the factory amp because it doesnt work good in the cold the volume is way low so i want my aftermarket radio to power my aftermarket speakers that have tweeters
mfrontuto (author)  oscar.hernandez.1426 months ago

I just have the stock speakers so I do not know, if you try let us know the results

I replaced all the apeakers though with twitters in the door and deck speakers included
By the way thanks alot for posting this!...this is the only thing i have ever found online about this
mfrontuto (author)  oscar.hernandez.1426 months ago

I took me a lot of research to find all of this information as well. glad I could help out others

My amp doenst work so if i have a powerful aftermarket radio/headunit i could just do steps 1-6 and it should sound alright...correct?
estay17 months ago
I wanted to thank you for making me the hero of my family we now have a radio again!
mfrontuto (author)  estay17 months ago

you are welcome! glad I could help out someone else with this problem