How to Card Throw





Introduction: How to Card Throw

This isn't deadly but it's easy and fun.
all you need is:
a card
and some free time

please do not am at eyes or other vulnerable parts

Step 1: Getting the Card Ready

take the card and put it in between your index and middle finger
on the top left corner, as you see in the picture

but if you follow step 2 and you can't do it just try it this way,
instead of putting the card in between your middle and index finger on the top left corner put them on the whole top like the next picture.

Step 2: Throwing the Card

now what you do is to curl up your arm then extend it and flick your wrist

Step 3: Another Way to Throw Cards

one other way to throw cards is to throw it vertical,
you do this by repeating the steps but more vertical
as seen in picture

if you can throw it like this you can also peg friends with it just, before you throw, jump up and aim down(not below the belt please) so the idea is to get above them and throw the card so the corner hits them

Step 4: The Game

once you learn how to peg people you can have a card war
it's just a free for all, i have no rules but you can have them
to make the game hard you can have it that each player has only one card

look what i did to this card



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    Good instructible


    i use a different method. i use my thumb, middle and index finger and i kind of "flick" it. works for me

    I found another wrist technique

    I have been doing this sence 5th grade by the way they can draw blood lmao

    thx ive always wanted to do this

    My friend and I were throwing cards at each other and my friend hit a 5 year old kid in the jaw. he cried and where the card hit was all red and the kids mom yelled at us.