Step 4: The game

Picture of the game
once you learn how to peg people you can have a card war
it's just a free for all, i have no rules but you can have them
to make the game hard you can have it that each player has only one card

look what i did to this card
after only a week i can hit a dictionary from like 20 feet away 4 out of 5 times. thanks for the great instructable. the only problem is that you don't have rules for the card fights/wars! for example my friends and i follow these rules: -only allowed three decks (otherwise kids buy like twenty decks from the dollar store) -Don't come to the war if you can only throw a card three feet. (i posted it as a bullitin the other day at the school for after school so 6 people show up and 2 leave cause they can't throw or can't learn how to throw...) -have two teams and give them different colored shirts or jerseys to wear. -wear goggles or other eye protection. Yeah so thanks and i'll keep practicing. -J