How to Carry a Pen With Your MOLESKINE





Introduction: How to Carry a Pen With Your MOLESKINE

there are many good instructables on how to build a pen holder for your moleskine notebook.
I'd like to propose another simple simple simple solution, to carry your pen with your moleskine without building anything.
This solution does not require you to modify your notebook. All you need is... well... a pen.
let's get started...

Step 1: Clip That Thread!

Open your notebook and catch the cloth bookmark with the pen clip. Be sure to keep the clip upwards.

Step 2: Move It Up!

mmmh... move the pen up, on the upper boder of the notebook. Clip, up.

Step 3: Pull!

close the notebook and pull down the bookmark. The left side of the pen will get trapped up there...

Step 4: Block It!

last step: close the notebook with the elastic band as you always do, blocking the pen.
now you can carry your pen with your moleskine wherever you go. easy, isn't it?



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    honestly... this is such a humbling moment. I can't believe I couldnt come up with this. Believe me I tried.


    I like this idea, but when I try it, the ribbon easily slides up inside the notebook and the pen comes loose. I had an idea to improve this that would solve that issue; put some sort of stopper (maybe a button) near the end of the ribbon, so that when the ribbon rests inside the notebook, the stopper sits just outside the bottom of the notebook. This way, when the notebook is closed, the stopper wouldn't allow the ribbon to slide up inside the notebook at all. This way the pen/pencil on top would stay tightly in place (also with the assistance of the elastic band) until the notebook is opened.
    Going to try to remember to try this once I'm home from the office and maybe make an Instructable on it too.

    Thanks for idea and great post!

    it would be great! thanks.

    I can only fit one pen in the spine and I always want to take two....

    Problem solved!

    Moleskine Pen Hack

    Un buen consejo para mantener juntos tu lapicera y cuaderno. Así lo encuentras fácilmente. Muy buen consejo. Acá hay una fotografía del mío.


    If you have the pocket sized one simply give it a little twist at the top and put the clip into the spine - pen will stay put along the spine of your notebook!

    Photo 87.jpg

    thanks for the hint!

    Works for Rhodia too!))

    This is brilliantly simple, after an hour of playing with elastic bands and duct tape I found this on a Lifehacker comment and loved it! Thank you so much...this is definitely the easiest and most effective solution I have come across. Oh and by the way I signed up just to post this comment :).