Picture of how to carry a pen with your MOLESKINE
there are many good instructables on how to build a pen holder for your moleskine notebook.
I'd like to propose another simple simple simple solution, to carry your pen with your moleskine without building anything.
This solution does not require you to modify your notebook. All you need is... well... a pen.
let's get started...


Step 1: Clip that thread!

Picture of clip that thread!
Open your notebook and catch the cloth bookmark with the pen clip. Be sure to keep the clip upwards.
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GeekyAdam1 month ago

I like this idea, but when I try it, the ribbon easily slides up inside the notebook and the pen comes loose. I had an idea to improve this that would solve that issue; put some sort of stopper (maybe a button) near the end of the ribbon, so that when the ribbon rests inside the notebook, the stopper sits just outside the bottom of the notebook. This way, when the notebook is closed, the stopper wouldn't allow the ribbon to slide up inside the notebook at all. This way the pen/pencil on top would stay tightly in place (also with the assistance of the elastic band) until the notebook is opened.
Going to try to remember to try this once I'm home from the office and maybe make an Instructable on it too.

Thanks for idea and great post!

pomarc (author)  GeekyAdam1 month ago
it would be great! thanks.
Doohickey2 years ago
I can only fit one pen in the spine and I always want to take two....

Problem solved!
nhereveri3 years ago
Moleskine Pen Hack

Un buen consejo para mantener juntos tu lapicera y cuaderno. Así lo encuentras fácilmente. Muy buen consejo. Acá hay una fotografía del mío.

pomarc (author)  nhereveri3 years ago
benjyhe4 years ago
If you have the pocket sized one simply give it a little twist at the top and put the clip into the spine - pen will stay put along the spine of your notebook!
Photo 87.jpg
pomarc (author)  benjyhe3 years ago
thanks for the hint!
zarazum3 years ago
Works for Rhodia too!))
jermfel4 years ago
This is brilliantly simple, after an hour of playing with elastic bands and duct tape I found this on a Lifehacker comment and loved it! Thank you so much...this is definitely the easiest and most effective solution I have come across. Oh and by the way I signed up just to post this comment :).
pomarc (author)  jermfel4 years ago
thank you very much, I am happy that this little hack has been useful to you.
Thanks for sharing your pics, have fun!
ah. I can't really do this though. My moleskine is an incredibly thing one w/o the ribbon bookmark. :p so i'll just throw a pen in my messenger bag along with it. (not that it is problematic, anyways.) :)
=SMART=5 years ago
Awesome, I really like this
pomarc (author)  =SMART=5 years ago
I hope you enjoy it, thanks. If you want to share a pic, it would be wonderful. have fun!
=SMART= pomarc5 years ago
Hey, I use a ball-point Mont Blanc Refil for my small notebook because it fits better with ways and i dont do extended writing anyway.

Sorry for low-res pic, i just used webcam :P
Photo 71.jpg
pomarc (author)  =SMART=5 years ago
great! thanks!
jdomingo5 years ago
I love it! i was searching for a good way to do this and this is the simplest and most useful of all!

pomarc (author)  jdomingo5 years ago
You're welcome jdomingo! I'm glad you like it, and if you want to share a photo, It would be super cool!
have fun with your moleskine!
shinsengumi5 years ago
This makes a surprisingly strong grip for the pen. Simple is usually better.
Many thanks
pomarc (author)  shinsengumi5 years ago
you're welcome! Happy that you liked it! If you want to share a pic of your moleskine + pen, we'd appreciate that!
have fun!
Cheeseduck5 years ago
I had just made a plastic pen-holder for my moleskin, and was about to post an instructable, but I did a quick search first to make sure it wasn't a duplicate. That's when I saw this method, and it made me feel foolish. Thanks for turning my time and hard work into a wasted effort...

Honestly, I wish I had done a search before I started :)
pomarc (author)  Cheeseduck5 years ago
eheheh :) I'm sorry :)
I'm sure your solution is more suitable for certain applciations, mine is just a quick fix.
anyway, thanks.
have fun!
cam425 years ago
File this one under... "Why didn't I think of that?" Sorry for the crap picture quality, I took it with my phone, as it was laying right under my desk. Pen is a black Tul stick pen.
Awesome woodstock notebook man!

Rock on!
 Thanks! Got it a Barnes&Noble a few months ago.
pomarc (author)  cam425 years ago
wonderful notebook!! have fun!
rikkdbomb7 years ago
sadly, this is an excellent idea but my mechanical pencil is too big and sticks out on both sides of my pocket sketching moleskine if only there were a way to keep it along the long side of the moleskine that was this simple!
pomarc (author)  rikkdbomb7 years ago
...mmhhh maybe this way?
Oh! Thank you! This solved my problem as my pen couldn't be put on top either. I am so happy I can carry it around with my Moleskin again!
pomarc (author)  TylorSkory5 years ago
Tylor, I'm happy you liked that. have fun!
mmdm6 years ago
What could be easier than this? Great tip!
pomarc (author)  mmdm6 years ago
thanks, enjoy!
I think maybe you should just add "glad you liked it to the end of the instructable to just save yourself a lot of effort...
pomarc (author)  scarabeetle1016 years ago
no way! I'm so happy to write "glad you liked it!" at each and every comment! btw: did you like it?
Knolly6 years ago
Hey, I just wanted to sign up to thank you for this tip. In my opinion this is the best and most hassle free way to make a pen caddy out of my notebook. Many thanks!
pomarc (author)  Knolly6 years ago
knolly, it is my pleasure to know that you find it useful! have fun with your moleskine&pen :)
Mrmattshaw6 years ago
This is so good, I disappeared in a cloud of logic!
pomarc (author)  Mrmattshaw6 years ago
:) glad you like it! have fun!
dysonius6 years ago
I'm calling this one "the dog in the bathtub". It is hard as hell to get my pen looped on the marker ribbon, at the same time trying to close and secure said ribbon. Works alright once acheived though.
pomarc (author)  dysonius6 years ago
pick the ribbon with your left hand, and hook the ribbon with the pen clip. if the pen clip is not too tight is easy as heaven :)
knowone6 years ago
This is so obvious - I love it! Another (but not free) way to attach a pen is with a "Mole Coat" cover (molecoat dot com) which has a pen/pencil sleeve.
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