Introduction: How to Challenge and Make a Airsoft Battle

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hi! i'm airsoftmaster191. and im going to teach you how to challenge and make an airsoft battle. if you dont understand at first ill explain things later but for know read on...

Step 1: Gathering Up a Team

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before you go challengeing armys of airsoft experts you need a team the gear and a wepon. you can buy good mechine guns from japan(you dont have to go there)but for $100 or more. i suggest buying your wepons at a k mart or walmart. a good team member always protects the other teammates fighting to protect the flag or to get the least hits in 30 minutes. you can ask a frend or find people you know that may join your team. or you can find other teams and ask to join there team. but aslong as your in a team you should be fine. but team battleing isnt like 1 on 1. you have to listin to the captin and help other team mates. if you dont you could be banned from the team that your on. but if your genral you can kick off people. now to challengeing...

Step 2: How to Challenging

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well. you think you can beat another team? first make a line to say or use my sample. but you cant ask like the ones x out. if you arnt mean the do the last checked one. thats a nice but challengeing way. so if you have your line down you can challenge. but you have to make a map and rules for the match. ill explain that next...

Step 3: Makeing a Map and Makeing the Rules

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first BEFORE you challenge you need to make a map. use my sample. but its better to desighn a map then build one. parchilly cause it cost money but you can also use nature as cover. it would cost $0.00 if you used nature and its a good way to play out doors. so now you have to make the rules. use your computer to type out and print the rules but if you dont have a printer just write it down NEATLY! then have your team and the oposeing team sign. then lets make a tactic next...

Step 4: Makeing Your Tactic

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ok. so you got your self a challenge. what are you going to do? scream and shot evrywhere? mayby not but its better to have your tactic down. use my sample for an example. then make your own useing paint and print it out OR draw it out. well you pretty much know evrything. but theres one more thing on the next page...

Step 5: Makeing a Prize(optional) and There You Go

Picture of Makeing a Prize(optional) and There You Go

now that you have made your tactic and ready to fight have a prize ready(optional). if your relly new to airsoft dont make a prize. what my example is i made a picture but you should bring the real thing. what i would do is buy a plastic trophy and put some change in it and put 1 meddle per teammate on bothe teams(all you need is 5 medles for a 5 on 5 team match). well now you know how to challenge and create a match so have at it! fight(with airsoft ofcoures)! check out my futer instuctibles! bye!


infinityairsoft (author)2013-05-18

I soooo badly wish i could dislike these

Football viking boy (author)2011-08-08

never buy guns from walmart or k mart

Izokay (author)2010-01-02

 None of those airsoft guns can be bought at Kmart or Walmart. If you want a good gun, you'll have to pay at least $200.

papercutninja (author)2008-08-16

Is this instructable in English? If so, what reading level is it? It reads like it was written by a dyslexic 6 year-old with a broken keyboard. Also, since when is a tutorial needed to teach kids how to play soldier? Finally: They're and there are TWO DIFFERENT WORDS with TWO DIFFERENT MEANINGS.

finfan7 (author)papercutninja2008-08-16

Whole-heartedly agree. I just saw his one on sniping and it's even worse in some places.

airsoftmaster191 (author)finfan72008-08-16

dude. its supose to be a noob guild! of coures its bad(sorta) but for newbies to understand! and theres no snipeing in it.

dla888 (author)airsoftmaster1912009-12-31

Are you implying that newbies are stupid?

Izokay (author)airsoftmaster1912009-07-02

*TRANSLATION* Dude. It's supposed to be a noob guide! Of course it's bad (sort of,) but it's for newbies to understand! And, there's no sniping in it.

oniman7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-31

a noob guild? snipeing?

finfan7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-16

Could you please translate that into English? I can usually figure out what people are saying but that was utter confusion. You have just responded to a comment criticising your grammar and spelling with a disturbingly ungrammatical pile of words with a rather painful spelling mistake.

airsoftmaster191 (author)finfan72008-08-17

dude. it IS in english!

finfan7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-17

Please find yourself someone (parent, teacher, court assigned "Inspirational social worker") to read our previous comments and explain to you the problems with what you responded with.

airsoftmaster191 (author)finfan72008-08-18

i can but i wont. i can do this on my own dude.

pyro13 (author)papercutninja2008-08-16

Well said. This kid needs to spell check.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)pyro132008-08-16

Si`. Habla Ingle`s por favor. Gracias! Guides like these insult the sport of Airsoft. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true.

im helping noobs to be masters at airsoft. its not insultive. im helping noobs!

oniman7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-31

masters? masters would be able to hit a target with a pistol from 120 feet. Masters would be able to hide effectively in the bush for 10 minutes without being noticed with people walking back and forth. A master could lay 40 feet away from a group of people with a ghillie suit and take them all out without being hit. Also, this is stuff I had picked up within my first hour of playing the game.

I'm pretty sure the average n00b can read and spell effectively. Believe me, I am one.

airsoftmaster191 (author)pyro132008-08-17

i hate spelling. thats why its sloopy.

xtank5 (author)2008-08-16

I saw 3 AK 47s, 2 silenced Uzis, 1 regular Uzi, a grenade launcher, 4 hand guns and a standard issue carbine. You have an awesome collection.

xtank5 (author)xtank52008-08-16

Wait they aren't Uzis. They're Mac 10s. Sorry for the confusion.

bumpus (author)xtank52008-08-16

There real contraband weapons, not airsoft guns...

airsoftmaster191 (author)bumpus2008-08-16

no there air soft. my frend had a f4a1 carbine or something from japen it it looker RELLY real

bumpus (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-16

Thats one of the problems with airsoft, if a cop sees you running around with a realistic airsoft gun, he has the right to shoot at you if he doesn't acknowledge the fact that its only a toy gun... Try using the spell checker next time n00b....

airsoftmaster191 (author)bumpus2008-08-16

you a noob. i hate spelling thats all

bumpus (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-16

I am definitely not a noob, sloppy spelling, and sloppy sentence structure are one of the first things noticed to judge by, I am basically enforcing this statement.

airsoftmaster191 (author)bumpus2008-08-17

ok but not me! i could shoot a team of 5 vs me and my freind. thats why i have airsoft schools on this website.

bumpus (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-17

Airsoft Schools?
You mean your "Instructables"
Your two slideshows that you have published should be deleted, they are not your pictures, and you admitted to have used google...
Slideshows are to display something you have made, and didn't think to make an instructable in the process...

airsoftmaster191 (author)bumpus2008-08-17

dude. im helping newbies and new teams. and dont call me a noob. all your projects should be deleted.

dla888 (author)airsoftmaster1912009-12-31

I am a newbie airsoft player and none of your instructables helped me!

Shuddup, n00b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

bumpus (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-17

My instructables follow the criteria of the site, yours do not, also, all my pictures are my own, all of yours aren't your photos.

airsoftmaster191 (author)bumpus2008-08-18

dude. your not good of an artist to pull of your photo icon thing. so dont say thats your own n00by mick n00bster.

bumpus (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-18

I can't understand your sentence...

Landon Sullivan (author)bumpus2008-12-21

Neither do I...

oniman7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-31

are you 8 years old or something?

oniman7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-31

If you had and your friend had a full auto gun and camo, and everybody else had cheap springers and wore fluoresecent pink jumpsuits, than maybe.

oniman7 (author)oniman72008-08-31

Either that or, you may have some degree of skill. However, this isn't reflected at all in your instructables.

oniman7 (author)airsoftmaster1912008-08-31

Your rifleman " school " was pathetic. You basically asked a bunch of questions that either A: anybody could answer, or B: nobody would ever need to know. Also, you asked a bunch of questions and said " if you got x amount right, move on. However, there were no answers to any of them

bumpus (author)bumpus2008-08-16


ILIKEPIE333 (author)xtank52009-07-10

actually, they are Ingrams

Landon Sullivan (author)xtank52009-03-06

Actually there are only 2 AK47s. One is an AK74. (I think)

dla888 (author)Landon Sullivan2009-12-31

Ya there is an ak74, note the muzzle brake.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)xtank52009-07-10

4 Glocks, 2 Silenced Ingrams, One normal Ingram, an MP5, and M4 (long stock, not collapsable), 2 AK 47s, and 1 AK 47 variant (not sure)

rokor (author)xtank52008-12-08

Thats actually not a grenade launcher, its a variation of an Mp5. Probably the silencer makes it look that way though...

gymnast (author)xtank52008-08-16

woah i diddent see the ak for a second

oniman7 (author)gymnast2008-08-31

The same thing happened to me. proof that camo works

airsoftmaster191 (author)xtank52008-08-16

its not relly mine. its just a pic

zimmemic25 (author)2009-02-06

this isnt very helpful... :-( rlly: learn to 1)spell 2)write instructables! a good instructable would have told us somthing about tactics, not what exactly to say when u challenge someone.

Person33 (author)2009-01-01

I learn more about airsoft watching my friend play than from reading airsoftmasters tutorials.

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