Picture of how to change a diaper
Here's a quick guide to changing a diaper. What would seem at first to be a frighteningly hideous task turns out not to be that difficult at all.
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Step 1: Locate a baby

Picture of locate a baby
If you find a baby that is squirming around and making loud shrieking noises, you may want to check to see whats going on under neath all those cute fooffy baby clothes. Chances are, you may have a mess on your hands. You can't really tell by looking them in the face because they don't really make a big deal out of it usually.

Step 2: Don't worry...just take a look

Picture of don't worry...just take a look
Although you never know what you may find inside a diaper, usually it's not that bad. Depending upon what type of outfit the baby may be wearing, you'll need to locate the "diaper area". Unzip, unfasten or unbutton all clothing until you get to something that looks like this. This puffy thing covering the junction between the torso and the legs is called the "Diaper area". This is the area that may need some attention.

Step 3: Remove the offending diaper

Picture of remove the offending diaper
This step involves taking quick action in removing the soiled diaper. Once the shock and awe of this step is over, it becomes fairly apparent what needs to be done.....pretty much just do the best you can to pull the two sticky tabs located on the front of the diaper open and grab that thing, ball it up and fling it somewhere quick. Try to remember where you throw it because after the whole deal is over, you'll need to find a more appropriate place for it to go. maybe a trash can or a nearby high temperature hazardous waste incinerator.

Step 4: Grab em by their feet

Picture of grab em by their feet
after you've removed the offending diaper, you'll need to get a good grip on the little neonate so you can clean up any unusual substances that may still be clinging to the "diaper area".
Lilly11332210 months ago

well my boy still wets the bed (he's 7) and now I were one to bed other wise he feels imbarrest and now I have started to fill the diaper up with ones and twos then in the morning we change them together, when he's at his dads I dont were one and don't wet the bed but if I don't wear one he won't. I don't mined sleeping in the diaper or waking up with a poo in my diaper (I quite like it) but I have started a relation ship and don't want to tell him. He is comming round tomorrow so please help?

merpius5 years ago
An addendum to this step should be to do what I have done with my son. He is convinced that his mother is an obvious sucker so he only pulls this trick with her. I've always been prepared for the eventuality and stopped his play in its tracks, so he eventually gave up on the effort.
He still gets his mom on a regular basis. Extra points if she is all dressed up and ready to go somewhere.
Haha, cant tell you how many times I've had this happen, even when I was prepared for it with using something to cover it up while I got things ready.
Oh the horror stories are coming back. Have you ever had a kid that peed on his own face while simultaneously pooping in your hand? Not pretty.
Locate baby, lol. Anyway, don't they teach you how to do that at the hospital? But then again, diaper changing isn't like brain surgery.
benip905 years ago
yeah step 8 happens as much with girls as it does boys keep a spare baby grow handy, girls just happen to get most of it down themselfs. you can swap possitioning of nappy before applying sudocrem or talc, stop the girlies peeing on themselfs. or you could do the easiest thing in the world and not have kids. ps i am a proud father other. than that spot on after a few times folloing a plan an you ll become a pro
fnqme5 years ago
Talcum powder is not a good thing to use on babies, it's actually toxic and any injested into their lungs can cause problems later in life, it's so light and airborne that you can't help but breathe it in. CORN STARCH is the thing to use and be sparing with any products.
ha, that baby looks so funny! he looks like, "hmmmmm?!!?"
wocket6 years ago
Make sure that it's corn flour based, not talc! Using talc down there can lead to cancer in latter life according to a local medical research facility.
Jakeg wocket6 years ago
wooooof! you don't want cancer "down there"

              That would not be fun!
bruno130696 years ago
I agree with the idea to censor or pixelate step #8, only for the purpose of preventing it from being labeled as "child porn" by someone. Also, many boys spray because of the cold air hitting the skin inside of the diaper. Simple solution. Lift the front for a few seconds and recover with the same diaper front when he starts. It takes a few extra moments, but it's easier than fighting with another cloth if he's a squirmer!
Ah, so full of bad chemicals for baby!.. Why not use cloth wipes and a spray bottle filled with water and a squirt of baby wash
bobbysbest6 years ago
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josefu06 years ago
Cover the part from image 8.
tetheredcat6 years ago
Great work! If I may though, there are a few words of advice I have for ya.
Using powder increases the risk of diaper rash. It cakes in the crevices and causes raw areas. Especially the "powder" that is featured in the Instructable. It is very coarse and abrasive. Also, the front of the diaper should never be folded down to the outside like it is in the picture, unless you want to have to change all of baby's clothes the next time he or she wets, as the liner acts like a wick and draws the wetness straight up and out. If you want to fold it, fold it in.
trondsbr6 years ago
We at the "_____ baby powder company" would like to send a special thank you for keeping us in business. LOL I have used powder but, wow, thats a lot of powder. I wonder if thats what happened to that kid in the movie? Anyways, great instructable. Someday everyone will need a diaper or have to change one, young or old. PS The looks on your little guys face, he is bound for the movies. Cute
moern6 years ago
I wouldn't really like to put nekkid photos of my bebe on the internets, paranoia and all...
baselinedesign (author)  moern6 years ago
surprisingly enough, bebe's are born without clothes.........

they are pure, innocent and without shame. If there is anyone out there who looks upon a child with anything other than kindness in their heart, let this be an opportunity for them to seek help through private counseling.

incidentally, I have been told that most everyone is nekkid underneath their clothes.......

but your right
kiaulune7 years ago
As a nanny to two little boys, I have a few suggestions to add to this. To avoid step 8, a handy cloth diaper can be thrown over the little squirter while the new disposable is readied. Apparently they're also making little cup things, but a cheap rag will do the job just as well. Second, powder really isn't necessary. However, if you do use powder, make sure it's cornstarch based and not talc - talc can actually cause respiratory problems in babies. If you're worried about diaper rash, a good dollop of Desitin with every change will help more than powder. If they do develop a rash, some naked time every day will help it clear up faster than any ointment - get a big sheet (picnic sheets that are waterproof on one side are great), put it on the floor, add nude infant and toys (this is best done right after a "number two" to avoid any complications) and after a few sessions that rash should be all cleared up.
wocket kiaulune6 years ago
great comments. :)
baselinedesign (author)  kiaulune7 years ago
Maybe I'll try that.........a little naked time while I'm at the office sounds like a good idea. I'll ask my assistant to hold my calls and hang a curtain over my office door. Maybe we could institute naked Fridays at the office as well. Thanks,
Keith-Kid7 years ago
What a Cute Baby!
862now7 years ago
Cool, however utilizing cloth diapers would be even better because it is nicer on the environment and gives the parents a more positive image. Go Environment!!! Also, using cloth diapers saves, on average, 60 dollars a month, plus dumping disposables with feces inside into the trash is illegal. However, your design is very well constructed and your idea shows. Good work. Go cloth.
Z457 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
baselinedesign (author)  Z457 years ago
I myself was raised in cloth...........however, it's a "wash" so to speak; it's really a close call as to whether the energy costs of heating water in washing machines then using electricity ( coal) for heating air and using another electric motor ( more coal) to blow the air all around while tumbling the whole lot for about twenty minutes.......not to mention squandering precious water resources using municipal treated potable water then dumping it into drains for extensive water processing. 500 years from now, landfills will be like gold mines.......the plastics, metals and basic raw materials that are collected now get hauled off to deserts awaiting use by future generations. If you really want to confuse people, try explaining to them that "recycling" is a huge net energy drain..............all the small trucks and cars spending all that fuel gathering millions and millions of tiny bits of plastic and metal.......better off using large garbage trucks and efficient diesel electric locomotives to collect it for storage in "landfills". ( for future mining opportunities ) things are not as they seem. but as you say, there are huge psychological the days of such environmental despair, sorting bottles and cans out on the back porch is great therapy.
I'm glad to hear your parents made the decision to stick with cloth. Being persistent with cloth diapers can be a challenge at times, however it is rewarding to know that you are helping. You make interesting points, although I do think it's still impossible to determine the future, unless I missed the Instructable on it. Thanks for the feedback.
kwhizr7 years ago
I saw this and laughed hard. Then I thought - perfect timing, my sister-in-law is 1 week away from delivery... I forwarded it on to the family. Thanks! One note for would be diaper changer technicians: My mother-in-laws response may be helpful: "Advice for step 13- IF you must fold-fold or tuck to the inside, being this was a boy baby, the next time he had a wet diaper, not only would he wet the diaper, but it would also be up and over, the wetness would have spread out onto whatever he was wearing on the outside-defeating the purpose of those "Plastic diapers". If folded or tucked inwards, all would be nice and dry on the outside and leakage would be held to a minimum! Just a hint for future use!" Please change wisely, the comfort of those around you may be at risk! :)
blckpythn7 years ago
HAHA "Locate Baby" "Install Clothes" that was great
i hate it when they leak on you.... lol
westfw7 years ago
For people expecting babies, I can highly recommend a childbirth class (not necessarily anything specific like lamaze; most hospitals will offer some more generic classes, I think.) They'll show you how to change the diaper (several kinds of diapers, actually) and let you practice on a doll...
jkm7 years ago
Though fun to read, not really useful. Pictures show the results of each step, not the step itself. If you could find a 2nd person to take the pics, you could show us HOW to do this. From experience I know some nifty 2-handed grips are needed. And step 14 (if done by males) should carry a Health Warning " don't dislocate tiny thumbs" !
CarpetGnome7 years ago
Cute child! Step eight has happened too many times to me. You forgot the safety gear, hazmat suit, eye wear and a bio-contamination cleanup site. Actually, very informative, my brother should check this out, he has trouble with the, um....... interior of the used diaper. Thanks!
lilpunk13027 years ago
Wow, good guide, only problem I see is the baby(once about 13-14 years old) surfing Instructibles and finding thi, they'd be like "MOoMMM, look what I found on the internetz" and you;d look and be like...ohhh...shit.... "Ummm honey...that's you" and they'd be like WTF MOM So yeah, anyways, you get a + from me :)