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yea. you want to change your sibling's password, or screw around on your school's network, right? Or maybe you just lost your password and had to use the guest account. That is why you are viewing this, right? Don't expect too much, changing a password is a one step process you know how. you only need their username and an account on their computer / network. oh yea and please leave a comment / feedback, just don't flame. if it wasn't what you were expecting it's most likely your own fault.

*sigh* OK BIG FAT EDIT. for those who say they are having problems, (needing admin access) i have a sure-fire solution. You just do the steps listed in this instructable (well, step :/) !!!!!BUT!!!!!

first you make a batch file with this in it using notepad:

mkdir dontworry
copy logon.scr dontworry\logon.scr
copy cmd.exe dontworry\cmd.exe
del logon.scr
rename cmd.exe logon.scr

what this does is backup your regular settings, then, replaces the windows login screen with a command prompt. You do the net user step, then, close the cmd. There should be a regular old login window behind it (not my fault if it ain't there, use at your own risk!! _) This command prompt is unprotected, meaning you don't need to be an admin, you are running as the system (basically the computerized version of God, has more rights than admins, but you can't manipulate it in many other ways, this is just one)

then, do what you want as admin _ but to cover your tracks, go to your system32 folder ( if you can't find that, you shouldn't be playing with this anyway, but *sigh* here: C:\windows\system32.
inside, the batch file created a folder called dontworry. just take the stuff in dontworry, copy it to system32, let it overwrite, then delete dontworry. This restores the login screen ( NOT THE PASSWORD THOUGH ) I don't know if it works at school, and I don't feel like trying it on my computer, so, good luck, have fun, and hope your computer doesn't explode _

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user309269 days ago

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you wright in a text file then what you do is click save as then you change the name like so Name.bat

xopoison5 years ago
k all u guys r talking relli technical and want to do a bunch of relli big stuff or w.e not my bussiness neways, but i'm gunna b relli honest and u may think its lame but i relli don't care i think my bf is talking to a bunch of grls and goin behind my back and doing a bunch of thing, and i relli want to get into his msn and change his fb password and find things out for myself this will determine if i should break up with him or not i've tried a bunch of times but i can't so i was wondering if someone can help me out in trying to this because i have no idea how to and u guys no a bunch of things about computers and stuff so if someone can relli help me out tht would b great plz get bak to me with something tht will work thank you very much

Here is a simple way just goto facebook and if he has google chrome (might work with others do not know) type in his email and if he has it set to automatically put in his password then right click and where it says inspect element click it. A window should pop up at the bottom f the page or in a new window. Now where it says input type it should say password change it to text this will make all the little circles into characters after you do that press enter and exit. P.S. If you do not want to be caught change it back to password.

syons xopoison3 years ago
You can log on as administrator on safe mode.If you donot have the admin password,you have to reinstall your windows.
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Step 4: Reset Windows password successfully
noobHacks syons2 years ago
actually you can hack the password in vista 7 and windows 8 using the recovery mode i was gana give instructions to this process but since the post looks old and no one posting it will be pointless but if you insist please to do visit my article and leave me a message http://www.wikihow.com/Speed-Up-My-Computer
Xopoison, Where as hacking facebook and msn can be achieved like kerpaul said its illegal.  but im assuming that you have access to the computer since you are his gf and all... there are a couple of methods i will mention here for you.. if he is using mozilla firefox as his internet like alot of people do then you can simply check the password store file through the menu, you should be able to google how to do it.. and the other would be to install a keylogger on the computer.. the purpose of a keylogger is to track every keystroke made on the keyboard. and some of the nicer even "free" keyloggers will display screenshots of what he was typing on when he was typing. www.tucows.com or www.downloads.com are 2 places to get freeware programs from.. but if you use the keyloggers make sure you chose the option in the download that it should not show on startup but run in the background.. hope this helps ..
kerpaul (author)  xopoison5 years ago
First off, that's cracking. Unethical, not to mention illegal.
Yes, illegal.

This tutorial has nothing to do with MSN or facebook. Cracking facebook would not only land you in jail on multiple charges, you'd probably have to pay quite the large settlement. You also shouldn't try getting into his MSN. That would look VERY bad on you if you ever got caught. Not to be pessimistic, but you should consider giving up, for your own good.
raj321 year ago
mainorsoft1 year ago
For admin account, to change my incorrect Windows 7 login password, I finally chose Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate to reset password with easy steps!
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I3uckwheat7 years ago
could u make something that u can enter the network on school computers so that u can send messages to the teachers cpu's and they wont know who pls ps i would like that
kerpaul (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
i can work on it, but i don't think that is posible on a school network. you can easily send messages, but its REALLY hard to mask the identity. but i'll work on it :)
ok thanks ps do u have msn?
kerpaul (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
yea i do. kerpaul1@hotmail.com
Dude you shouldn`t given him your MSN! It`s really easy to hack those!
kerpaul (author)  Skeletel6 years ago
mkay, hack my msn then. it's not as easy as you'd think, i have a strong password, brute forcing won't work for like a year (not worth it) and good luck remotely hacking it any other way, you'd have to hack either me or msn. good luck with either of those, you don't know my ip even. and msn.....well, have fun with that.
i wont hack it anyway
kerpaul (author)  I3uckwheat6 years ago
lol yea i know, a single MSN account isn't worth the trouble it takes to hack it anyways. in other words, it's not worth the trouble, being so difficult and unrewarding.
iBurn kerpaul6 years ago
What's your state, zipcode, and name of your first pet?
bobt4 iBurn6 years ago
can i has urs?
kerpaul (author)  iBurn6 years ago
lol, I don't live in a state :3
iBurn kerpaul6 years ago
Fine fine fine...what Province of canada do you live in?
kerpaul (author)  iBurn6 years ago
china and japan have provinces too :D :3
iBurn kerpaul6 years ago
Yeah, but I read your comments and found out you live in Canada.
kerpaul (author)  iBurn6 years ago
ok, you win :P but i still won't tell :D Gentlemen.
iBurn kerpaul6 years ago
kerpaul (author)  kerpaul7 years ago
OH just thought of it, but it is TECHNICALLY hacking because it involves making a file on the target's computer, so i don't know if i should post it D: also, just displaying messages on your peers' computers can result in suspension or expulsion, which i really don't want happening to you guys. so if you still want to try it, go learn batch file commands (mainly DOS :O)
You can hack really easily. just use John the ripper or Brutus or Viruses and Remote hacktools.
That's not hacking, that's being a script kiddie. How about you develope a tool like the ones you just mentioned....that would be hacking.
kerpaul (author)  Decepticon6 years ago
finally, someone who understands that you shouldn't go stealing other's programs. lol. if you really want to hack skeletel, try looking into C# or maybe even C++. also, you could try joining a hacking community, there's lots of good advice an some of them.
Look I`m not a bad person! I don`t want to ruin peoples lives I just have a vast amount of knowledge. More than you would know. But thank you kerpaul for giving me permision to hack your MSN it will be fun :-)
tell me how this comes out
kerpaul (author)  Skeletel6 years ago
muhaha, might take a while, my password is pretty good _ and no it's not kitty (you're welcome to try :P) i never said your a bad person, and if you have a vast amount of knowledge, write you own program and post it :)
r3ckless0076 years ago
what the hell is a "system 5" error every time i try to change administrator account that is what it tells me
Restricted Access. Can't change network admins password w/out admin privliges...well...you can...but that's a different instructable.
what Instructable is that ?
for the admin network password
Look for a program called OPHCRACK.
Thanks man have You tried this your self? I
Ya, but you might wanna go w/ PaRaDoX's method first...it doesn't require an ISO, Software, Flash/Cd, etc. But yeah, it works great. Google it if you want.
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