How to Charge Your IPod But Still Use It Comfortably





Introduction: How to Charge Your IPod But Still Use It Comfortably

The title explains it all

Step 1: Parts and Other Things

Have you ever wanted to use your iPod when it was charging?!!!
will need a couple things:
an iPod I used my friends iPod Touch
an iPod computer cord
an iPod stereo mines an ILive stereo

A fun fact:I wrote this instructable on the iPod touch and loved it that's why I made it

Step 2: HOW ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |:)

if your stereo has a port for the original
iPod shuffle you put the cord in that place then you plug in the iPod if your stereo charges iPods you will get the charge screen and BOOM! you have a stereo that Charges your iPod and you don't have to hold the stereo you could play games or make playlists or even write an instructable



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So many broken nick-nakes

It was my friends iPod touch. She accidentaly, I hope, ran it over.

You have quite the gadget line-up!

yeah, quite the line up of broken and unused ipods

the touch was my friends and the 3rd gen i got for christmas and i bought the old one along time ago

........... How to plug in ipod?

with the cord if you have the port for ipod shuffle