Picture of how to choose your E.D.C.
In this inscrutable you will learn how to choose your E.D.C. (everyday day carry). I will be asking the questions that you never ask. but want the answer to.I would like you to rate comment and give constructive criticism.
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Step 1: What about a cell phone

Picture of what about a  cell phone
now ask your self these questions. Do I need a phone, is it worth the money, how often will I use it, do I really want one, how convenient will it be.

Step 2: Knives

Picture of knives
again ask your self thees questions.  Do I need a knife, will I use it, is it legal where you live, are you responsible enough, also ask your self this too do I want a Swiss army knife, a pocket knife, a fixed blade, or a multi tool. now remember knives are tools not weapons.

Step 3: The end

Picture of the end
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this instructable is just the basics. I may add to it later. hope you look at my other inscrutables
l8nite2 years ago
a rather good basic kit, I tend to have several "kits" what I need when out curb mining is different from when Im sitting at ArtWalk which is different from what I carry when Im bike riding or fishing in a local creek. Some things are always with me like a good belt knife, aspirin and ibuprofen (Im old) a bandana and my keys which have a small screwdriver set and a mini razor knife. Each vehicle also has a basic kit with jumpercables, open/box wrenches and an adjustable wrench as well as several screwdrivers and a sturdy (sharp) work knife
knexfreak32 (author)  l8nite2 years ago
You seem very prepared. I only wanted to give people the bare bones of EDC. Once you have a few items you just get more and more (thats what it was to me at least). Anyway have a nice week