Step 12: Re-assembly of the Carb (floats)

make sure the needle is on the floats and simply put the needle back into place along with the floats and put the pin back into its spot. Then move the floats up and down making sure they can move freely.
what happened to the starter i had one of these i upgraded to a quad now im getting a dirtbike <br>
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HAHA good i thought that you got brainwashed too! Good instructable tho. i just cleaned mine and this really helped! Thanks
It should be mentioned that screws in carbs are generally made of soft alloys. Dont overtighten because its easy to strip a screw.
ya its important that on anything like this it shouldent be overtightened
On all the cycle/atv/snowblowercarbs ive done, i always replace the screws with allenheads (socket-cap)!
i also said in the instrucable to not overtighten anything
you may want to also clean the needle/slide and the pilot jet screw (REMEMBER THE FRIGGIN' POSITION OR YOU'LL MESS IT UP) You should probably make sure the float needle and its 'home' are clean enough to eat off of because if it seeps at all it will end up going into the combustion chamber then leaking into the oil
normaly i just spin the slide slowly untill it pops into spot. but i have taken apart this carb many times. so its prettymuch natural to me

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