many instructables require food coloring but how many of you have it??? so i made this to help you all instruct to construct!!!!

Step 1: tools/stuff

i used salt (almost any thing whiteish and grainy works/fabric
1 pot of water
sprinkles (1 color at a time,rainbow turns brown)or fruit peels of the desired color
if you youse sprinkles, only follow steps 2-3
if you use fruit peels, follow steps 4-5.

the pic below is only for the people using peels!
what are these "sprinkles" of which you speak? can you be a little more specific? not all of us are american, Im in new zealand
I believe you'd know them as "hundreds and thousands" or something like that. originally, the ible had sprinkles, not fruit peels, if I remember right. At the very least, they're mentioned in step 1 as a possibility.
This seems very temporary and kind of useless,
Well, thats kind of mean, I think it's great.
for what exactly?
Well, given that food coloring IS added (via sprinkles) it's pretty much not what it said it is. Plus, how many people have a need for colored salt? And the photos are blurry. With some work, this could be interesting and informative, but right now... :(
I was hoping this was about mordants, so i can get my dyes to stay in my cloth, I dont really get what its about

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