Picture of how to color stuff without food coloring
many instructables require food coloring but how many of you have it??? so i made this to help you all instruct to construct!!!!

Step 1: Tools/stuff

Picture of tools/stuff
i used salt (almost any thing whiteish and grainy works/fabric
1 pot of water
sprinkles (1 color at a time,rainbow turns brown)or fruit peels of the desired color
if you youse sprinkles, only follow steps 2-3
if you use fruit peels, follow steps 4-5.

the pic below is only for the people using peels!
neubaten6 years ago
what are these "sprinkles" of which you speak? can you be a little more specific? not all of us are american, Im in new zealand
AidanG neubaten6 years ago
I believe you'd know them as "hundreds and thousands" or something like that. originally, the ible had sprinkles, not fruit peels, if I remember right. At the very least, they're mentioned in step 1 as a possibility.
rerat7 years ago
This seems very temporary and kind of useless,
Well, thats kind of mean, I think it's great.
for what exactly?
AidanG7 years ago
Well, given that food coloring IS added (via sprinkles) it's pretty much not what it said it is. Plus, how many people have a need for colored salt? And the photos are blurry. With some work, this could be interesting and informative, but right now... :(
neubaten AidanG6 years ago
I was hoping this was about mordants, so i can get my dyes to stay in my cloth, I dont really get what its about