Step 8: Extra tips and ideas

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All my music is stored on my music server. which allows me to control of all my music wirelessly.

so I got myself an otter case so I can control my music from my pda while in the shower or bath. while keeping my PDA dry.

so now I have full control of my music in the bath.
seaeagle5 years ago
i like the thought you have put in but since i work with audio visual every day it would have been easier just to put a IR extender  place the target in your bathroom an the bug on the device then all you do is use your original remote to control the system
but like i said i like your way of thinking
simon72post (author)  seaeagle5 years ago

That is the easy way.

But I have installed one touch panel in my shower room and one touch panel next to the bath.
both connected the the learner remote.

I didn't want to take the original remote in to the bathroom because of all the water. using the touch panel allows me to control the music while in the shower which I couldn't do with a remote control unless its a waterproof remote.